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Six months into my new role as the 43rd Los Angeles City Attorney, I am happy to send you my first public newsletter. Leading nearly 1,000 legal professionals - including 500+ plus attorneys - in one of the nation's largest municipal law offices is no doubt the most challenging work I've ever done, but also the most rewarding. One of my first tasks after taking office was to work with my leadership team on a mission statement for our office.

The mission of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office is to serve the City by providing the highest caliber legal services, with clarity and consistency, promoting public safety, pursuing justice and equity in the City's criminal justice system, protecting the City's interests and protecting its people and communities from unlawful and unfair practices, and helping the City serve its constituents with integrity, accountability, efficiency and transparency.

I expect every employee in my office to uphold this statement and make it part of our daily work. Each attorney and legal professional has an important role to play as we seek to create and maintain the best public law office in the country.

The aim of this newsletter is to highlight a bit of our work my office has done to date to serve the City and residents of Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Very truly yours,  
Hydee Feldstein Soto
Los Angeles City Attorney
Gun Violence Prevention
City Attorney Feldstein Soto announced a settlement in the Office’s lawsuit against Nevada-based Polymer80, permanently prohibiting the company from selling its ghost gun kits in our State without first conducting background checks of buyers and without utilizing serial numbers on its products. The company and its two founders must also pay $5 million in civil penalties, with the funds designated to advancing consumer protection work. Polymer80 is the nation’s largest producer of ghost gun kits and component parts. From Jan. 2020 through Feb. 2, 2023, LAPD recovered more than 4,200 Polymer80 ghost guns.

"This settlement holds Polymer80 and its founders accountable, keeps guns out of the hands of prohibited people, makes our neighborhoods safer and will help law enforcement do their jobs,” said City Attorney Feldstein Soto. “More than 16,000 people have been killed by gun violence so far in 2023. This is an important step toward preventing unnecessary deaths, especially as Congress repeatedly fails to take action.”    
Preserving Supportive Housing
City Attorney Feldstein Soto joined Mayor Karen Bass to announce bold action to preserve and rehabilitate nearly 2,000 units of permanent supportive housing in Skid Row. The City Attorney's Office successfully petitioned the Court for a Public Health and Safety Receiver for the 29 buildings owned by Skid Row Housing Trust. A receivership is a legal process that allows a court-appointed person, a receiver, to take control of properties, address the issues and bring them into compliance. This action will keep 1,500 of the City’s most vulnerable people housed, while allowing hundreds more to move off the streets. More details

"My office is fully committed to bringing to bear every tool in our legal and regulatory toolkit to reduce homelessness," said City Attorney Feldstein Soto. “Preserving the housing we've already got is essential to this work. I am very proud to partner with City leaders as Los Angeles continues to make progress.” 
Visit the City Attorney’s New Website
The City Attorney launched a new multilingual website with many ways to connect with and get help from the office. Residents can stay updated on office priorities, including homelessness and criminal justice reform, review and share career opportunities or just reach out with a question.

"My new website is designed to be helpful to Angelenos of all backgrounds in all neighborhoods,” said City Attorney Feldstein Soto. “I want it to be a resource that people can turn to and a window into everything my office does to serve the City and the residents of Los Angeles.”      
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