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The Liberty Pole

Center up!
Welcome Shooter, to the September edition of The Liberty Pole, Project Appleseed’s newsletter.  We have a great issue lined up for you this month. As always, "Shooters! Your Preparation Period Begins Now!"
Words from the Founding Fathers
 "guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”

George Washington
The Address of Gen. George Washington to the People of America
 on His Declining the Presidency of the United States, 
September 19, 1796
September's Event Highlight
In each issue of our newsletter, we highlight one of our events. In this issue, we want to showcase a recent Pistol Clinic in Piqua, OH on August 12-13, 2023. 

Below are some words from the Shoot Boss, Shep.

"We had a truly incredible weekend at the Piqua Fish and Game. Ten eager shooters filled our line for the Pistol Clinic. The rain that was in Saturday's forecast missed us and the entire weekend was warm and dry; a bit of a breeze kept conditions bearable, but temperatures in the mid eighties were still somewhat draining. History presentations given in the shade were very welcome!

As the group worked its way through the layers of instruction, along with the challenges and frustrations that can accompany it, connections with each other were made and friendships bloomed.  By Sunday afternoon our group of students and instructors had bonded into something much like a large family enjoying a great day together. "

Click HERE to view the full After Action Report.  
Appleseed Out in the Public:
Trail Life National Leadership Conference
At Project Appleseed we frequently partner with like-minded groups. We were fortunate enough to be invited by Trail Life to hold a booth at their recent Leadership Conference in Underwood, Indiana on August 10-12. Below are some words from one of our Instructors, Geek, that worked the booth that weekend:

This was an incredible opportunity to build an alliance with a like-minded group.  Credit goes to Gugisman for making the connection with our RC to setup a booth.  This event had national leaders for Trail Life covering the entire US.  With 500 attendees looking for outdoor activities and an entity that can conduct marksmanship training along with history, we were a popular booth.

Click HERE to read the rest and join in the discussion on the forum.
Appleseed Out in the Public:
Armed Women of America National Conference
Project Appleseed had a very successful booth at the Armed Women of America National Conference in Branson Missouri on August 8-10. Below are some words from one of our Instructors, ProudPapa14, who worked the booth with others:

JustKim requested assistance to do a booth at the Armed Women of America (AWA) and the fine patriots of swiftongal, Captain, and myself stepped up.  We were able to speak with the conference attendees over two days about liberty and our events across the nation.  There was a large number of attendees who had never heard about Project Appleseed and a few who had already attended.

We were able to connect with leaders from Maryland, Missouri, Arizona and other states that were interested in either Libertyseeds at their chapter monthly meetings and/or attending / hosting a Ladyseed in their area.  Where possible, we showed them the schedule for their areas, for those that didn't have anything currently scheduled we requested they post on the forum in their state section.  

Click HERE to read the rest and join in the discussion on the forum.
September's History Article:
In the fall of 1781, the British occupy Yorktown, where Cornwallis intends to refit and resupply his 9,000-man army. While he awaits supplies and much-needed reinforcements from the Royal Navy, the Continental Army seizes an opportunity. On receiving word that the French fleet will be available for a siege south of New Jersey, Washington and Rochambeau move their force of almost 8,000 men south to Virginia, planning to join and lead about 12,000 other militia, French troops, and Continental troops in a siege of Yorktown.

On September 5, while the Allied army is still on route, the French fleet guards the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. The Royal Navy, attempting to sail up the Bay to Cornwallis, is met by French warships at the mouth of the Chesapeake. In this encounter, called the Battle of the Capes, the British fleet is soundly defeated and forced to abandon Cornwallis's army at Yorktown.

On September 28, after a grueling march, the American and French forces arrive near Yorktown and immediately begin the hard work of laying siege to Cornwallis and his men. Cornwallis has thrown up a series of redoubts on the outskirts of Yorktown while the majority of his men hunker down in the town...

Click HERE to read the rest and join in the discussion on the forum.
September's Marksmanship Tip
"A few things that recently came together in my head"
This month's article is another one from our archives. "A few things that recently came together in my head" By Old Dog

[H]ere are some things that have been said before but perhaps can benefit some of the new folks by being said again:

1.  Do your best to "break" a new rifle in with the ammo you intend to shoot in it prior to coming to any type of shooting event.  Otherwise, you take a chance of the rifle letting you down when you need it.  The recommendation (for defensive handguns anyway) is at least 200 rounds.  Better to have issues before you are depending on the rifle.

2.  If you have attachments screwed/bolted to your rifle (rails, sights, scope mounts, etc.) buy yourself a tube of Loctite (the blue type you can buy at Walmart).  Remove those screws/bolts that attach those smaller pieces to the main part of the rifle/barrel and degrease the threads and the holes they screw into and put a drop of Loctite on the threads before reinstalling them to hold the small parts to the rifle.  Otherwise, you take the chance of the small piece falling off the rifle (just coming loose can ruin your day, let alone falling completely off) during a time when you don't need such distractions.

3.  The GI web sling is a great (and necessary part of your rifle).  You should make sure it's in good shape.  You should find the settings that are best for you (some folks require adjustment to get the right amount of snugness when changing between standing, sitting and prone) and mark the sling with a magic marker/sharpie to take the guesswork and extra time out of getting the right adjustment.  Also, remember that winter and summer means different amount of clothes and therefore different sling settings.  Two slings (one for warm weather and one for cold??)...

Read the full thread and more great tips HERE. And take part in the discussion yourself and share your own experiences and tips.
Limited Edition Appleseed AR-15 Lowers!
Available for a very limited time:  Special Edition Appleseed AR15 lower receivers!
These are high-quality custom AR15 lower receivers.  These are 100% lowers, so they need to be shipped to your local FFL.  

The specs on the lowers:
   - Forged receiver
   - "low shelf" design
   - 7075-T6 aluminum
   - tumble polished and deburred
   - anodized Type 3 hardcoat black
   - includes a tensioning screw hole & screw to snug the fit between lower & uppers
   - discreet serial number/markings on forward side of magwell (beneath takedown pin)

Price: $95, including shipping to your FFL.  Proceeds will be donated to Project Appleseed/RWVA to advance our Mission to educate Americans about our heritage.

To order, send an email to or a forum message to AppleseedARLowers with your name, address, phone number, and how many lowers you want.

Second, you'll get a confirmation that your place is reserved and instructions to do two things:
1 - email us a copy of your FFL's license.  
2 - mail a check or money order for payment.
Please do both within 10 days or risk losing your place in line.

We'll send you a note when payment & FFL is received.  We'll send another with a tracking number when your lower(s) ship.

Click HERE to see the full thread as well as more pictures.
Appleseed Store
NEW PRODUCT!!! Ladyseed Lapel Pins!

They are 1.25 inches round featuring a seal as pictured above. Click HERE to get your own and to see all the other neat patches and pins the store has to offer!
Upcoming Events
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I hope you enjoyed this issue of Project Appleseed's, "The Liberty Pole". Please follow us on the social media links below and keep an eye on our schedule for future events to stay up to date about Project Appleseed. Lastly, if you would like to reach out to the editor, please send an email to Thank you again for taking the time to read this newsletter and especially for being a part of Project Appleseed.

In Liberty,

Roswell "Ross" Crutchfield
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