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MyUI Employer+ is replacing the system you use to pay unemployment premiums and file wage reports. This project update from the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division includes the most up-to-date news, information, and resources to prepare you for the launch of the new system.

What to Know About Activating Your New MyUI Employer+ Account

Beginning October 3rd, if you (a CO Employer) currently have an active MyUI Employer account, you will be required to complete a one-time activation process to access the new MyUI Employer+ system. Detailed instructions on how to complete the activation process are below.

Note for TPAs and Employers with TPAs/CPAs/payroll service providers: The one-time activation of your new MyUI Employer+ account is critical for employers and third party administrators (TPAs) to establish roles and permissions in the new system. Regardless if you manage your current UI account or not, your TPA or payroll service provider cannot complete the MyUI Employer+ activation process for you. Because TPAs and Employers will be required to have separate MyUI Employer+ accounts, establishing roles and permissions in the new system will ensure you, your third party administrator, or payroll service provider can continue conducting business on your behalf with the UI Division.
How Employer Account Activation Works:
  • Beginning October 3rd, Employers with an active UI account will receive a PIN from the UI Division. Your PIN will be delivered either by email or USPS, depending on your indicated communication preferences.
    • If your preferred method is USPS, the PIN may take a few days to get to you.
    • If your preferred method is email, the PINs will be emailed out over several hours starting October 3rd, which may extend into October 4th.
    • If you do not receive a PIN by October 6th, please contact Employer Services at 303-318-9100.
  • Go to the MyUI Employer+ page of our website, and select the "Employer Account" login option, or click the link included in your PIN email. 
  • The MyUI Employer+ page will also have instructions to help get you set up. 
  • Employers will enter the PIN they receive into the new system to activate their new MyUI Employer+ account, and link it to historical account information.
  • Only employers will be able to set up their new account and establish TPA relationships.

How TPA Account Registration Works:
  • Beginning October 1st, all TPAs (including payroll service providers) will be required to register for a new MyUI Employer+ account and receive a TPA ID number.
    • TPA ID numbers will be automatically assigned once the registration process is completed.
    • TPAs will receive a PIN via email to register their account. 
  • Go to the MyUI Employer+ page of our website and select the "TPA Account" login option, or click the link included in the TPA PIN email.
  • The MyUI Employer+ page will also have instructions to help get you set up. 
    • Division staff will be available to assist TPAs with account setup beginning October 2nd.
    • Help requests will be worked in the order they are received beginning on October 2nd. We will send out additional instructions directly to TPAs on how to submit requests for assistance.
  • Once a TPA account is registered, TPAs can search existing employer relationships by employer name, CO UI employer account number, and current roles and permissions using the “Employer Search” tab under “Searches” in the left-hand navigation menu. 

How TPA Access Works:
  • Existing Employer/TPA relationships that will be automatically transferred into the new system include those in place at the time of the Q2 2023 filing deadline. This list will be finalized the night of October 2nd.
    • The initial association for existing clients of a TPA is a one-time process to support modernization data conversion efforts. Moving forward, TPAs will not be able to access employer accounts or conduct any business on their behalf until the employer account administrator establishes the relationship inside MyUI Employer+. 
  • Employer/TPA relationships beginning on or after the initial association must be authorized in the employer account using the "Third Party Administrator (TPA) Authorization" tab under "Account Maintenance" in the left-hand navigation menu. 
    • Employers will enter a TPA ID number, provided by the TPA, to assign a new TPA to their account, or search by existing TPA name or roles. 
  • TPAs and payroll service providers will not be able to conduct any business on behalf of clients until roles and permissions are authorized inside the employers' accounts. TPAs cannot establish roles and permissions for their clients. 
  • Employers may assign one or multiple TPAs to their employer account, and set any combination of roles and permissions to conduct business on their behalf. 

Employer Action Items

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Catch up on the most recent MyUI Employer+ Q&A session and get a glimpse of the new system from our All Users Webinar available on demand! Division staff covers more details on the new system functionalities and addresses the most frequently asked questions we've received throughout the project.
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All previous MyUI Employer+ webinars, presentations and Q&A material are also available on the MyUI Employer+ Webinars page.

News You Can Use: TPA Relationships

TPA /Employer relationships in place at the time of the Q2 2023 filing deadline will be automatically transferred into MyUI Employer+. The default roles assigned to TPAs during this process include the ability to file wage reports and make payments. If a TPA is already responding to fact-finding requests on behalf of an employer, they will automatically be assigned to do so in the new system.

For Existing TPA Relationships
TPA relationships automatically transferred into MyUI Employer+ will require no further action from the employer. However, employers can update, change or add roles and permissions using the "Account Management'' tools inside MyUI Employer+ from their employer accounts.

For New TPA Relationships
NNew TPA relationships will be added and managed by employers using the "Account Management" tools inside their employer account. Power of Attorney (POA) Form UITL-18 is no longer required. Instead, TPAs will be assigned an ID number that employers can use to search and assign their respective TPA to their employer account. TPAs cannot assign themselves to employer accounts at this time.

What Comes Next
After receiving feedback from TPAs and payroll service providers on the TPA association process, the Division has begun working on a "Request for Access" feature for a future release. This feature would allow TPAs to request access to client accounts with a single click. Once access is requested, the employer will receive a notification that their TPA is requesting access to their account, and they can approve or deny the request instantly.

Your Feedback Matters!

Your feedback will help us create the best MyUI Employer+ experience possible. The Unemployment Insurance Division will continue seeking feedback from users before and after the launch of the new system. Submit your feedback using the MyUI Employer+ Employer Survey.
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What's New for TPAs

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Mark your calendar for the next MyUI Employer+ Webinar on Tuesday, September 26th!

Division staff will provide more TPA-specific information and updates, including account activation, client account access, bulk filings and payments, and more. We'll set aside plenty of time for another live Q&A session after the presentation. Don't miss your chance to join the conversation!
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Want to catch up on past TPA webinars? All MyUI Employer+ webinars, presentations and Q&A materials are available on demand via the MyUI Employer+ Webinars page.

In Case You Missed It...

MyUI Employer+ is going live for employers October 3rd, 2023! The UI Division is debuting the new system with a rolling launch, beginning with select user groups.

Important dates:
  • September 27th: Old MyUI Employer system shutdown.
  • October 1st: TPA/Payroll Service Provider account registration begins
  • October 3rd: General Employer account activation begins.

Important Q3 2023 payments and reporting information:
  • Any paper checks we receive on or after September 22nd will be held until the new system goes live. These payments may not be reflected in your new MyUI Employer+ account until October 6th.
  • Fact-finding requests due between September 27 and October 2 can be submitted on October 3 with no penalty.
  • The old MyUI Employer system will be accessible to you until September 27th, at 5:00 p.m. Otherwise, you will need to wait to access the new system on October 3rd. 

Non-Electronic Communication Waivers

Employers and TPAs will be required to file UI documents, reports, and other correspondences electronically. Employers with limited to no internet access, insufficient computer equipment or lack of other necessary technology, or other good causes which will be reviewed at the discretion of the Division, must submit a request for a Non-Electronic Communication Waiver. Non-Electronic Communication Waivers must be renewed annually. See section 7.2.5 subsection .1 and .2 in the Regulations Concerning Employment Security (RCES) for more information on Electronic filing and waiver requirements. NOTE: Employer Services will be able to assist in requesting and processing waivers beginning October 3, 2023.

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