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MyUI Employer+ is replacing the system you use to pay unemployment premiums and file wage reports. This project update from the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division includes the most up-to-date news, information, and resources to prepare you for the launch of the new system.

Mark Your Calendar for Go Live!

MyUI Employer+ is going live for employers on Tuesday, October 3, 2023! The UI Division is debuting the new system with a rolling launch, beginning with select user groups.

Important dates:
  • September 27th: Old MyUI Employer system is shutdown.
  • October 1st: TPA/Payroll Service Provider account activation begins.
  • October 3rd: General Employer account activation begins.
Important Q3 2023 payments and reporting information:
  • Any paper check received by the Division on or after September 22nd, 2023 will be held until the new system goes live. These payments may not be reflected in your new MyUI Employer+ account until October 6th, 2023.
  • The old MyUI Employer system will be accessible to you until September 27th, at 5:00 p.m. After this time, you will need to wait to access the new system until October 3rd.
In the coming weeks, current MyUI Employer users and TPAs (including payroll service providers) will receive more detailed instructions and resources on how to activate their accounts and transition to the new system.

Employer Action Items

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Learn more about the new MyUI Employer+ premium & wage reporting system during our next employer webinar! UI Division staff will offer a preview of the new system, and discuss how the new self-service features will make managing your UI account easier than ever before.

Register for our next employer webinar!
  • Monday, September 11th @ 11am

Did you miss our first MyUI Employer+ webinar? Watch the "Introduction To MyUI Employer+" webinar on YouTube. Recordings, presentations, and Q&A material from all MyUI Employer+ webinars will be available on the MyUI Employer+ Webinars page.
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News You Can Use

In addition to the new self-service account management features, MyUI Employer+ users can expect to see more changes within the system, including enhanced security features and account information.

Once their account is activated, employers will be assigned a newly-formatted employer account number, and TPAs will be assigned a new TPA ID number to use within the system.  Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirements will also be implemented in order to keep account information secure.

More information on how to use MFA and user identification numbers will be provided in future communications.

Your Feedback Matters!

Your feedback will help us create the best MyUI Employer+ experience possible. The Unemployment Insurance Division will continue seeking feedback from users before and after the launch of the new system. Submit your feedback using the MyUI Employer+ Employer Survey.
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What's New for TPAs

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MyUI Employer+ for TPAs webinar is available on the CDLE YouTube Channel!

The TPA webinar included the an overview of the system’s new-and-improved functionalities and a great Q&A session. Additional MyUI Employer+ webinar recordings, presentations and Q&As are available on the
MyUI Employer+ Webinars webpage.
Watch Now On YouTube
Save the date for our next TPA webinar!
  • Tuesday, September 29th @ 11am

The UI Division will host additional webinars and presentations before and after go live. Check your inbox for invites to all our virtual events!

In Case You Missed It...

The new MyUI Employer+ system will offer new self-service features, system upgrades, and enhanced security measures to make managing Unemployment Insurance accounts easier than ever.

“Employers in Colorado have been using the same wage reporting and premiums system for more than 40 years now,” says Phil Spesshardt, Director of the Division of Unemployment Insurance. “We are working hard to introduce significant efficiencies in MyUI Employer+ that will vastly improve the employer experience.”

Prior to launch, Employers and TPAs will be guided through activating their new account, how to use our multi-factor authentication, and how to access the system. 

The UI Division is currently developing additional resources to help you prepare for the new system, including online user guides, how-to videos, and FAQ resources.

Non-Electronic Communication Waivers

Employers and TPAs will be required to file documents, reports, and other correspondences with UI electronically using the MyUI Employer+ system. Employers with limited to no internet access, or those who wish to continue conducting business with UI by mail, must submit a request for a Non-Electronic Communication Waiver. Non-Electronic Communication Waivers must be renewed annually.

Contact Employer Services at 303-318-9100 for more information on the waiver process, and see section 7.2.5 subsection .1 and .2 in the Regulations Concerning Employment Security (RCES) for more information on Electronic filing and waiver requirements.

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