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September 2023

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Dear DeeAnne,

Coming back together can be a joyful, exciting, and hectic time in Unitarian Universalism. Across our Association, we are continuing to shift out of more restful modes and into a more planful mode in order to welcome returning friends, newcomers, and the wider community into our faith tradition. While this is an annual period of return, there is also much newness and challenge, and it can help to extend the grace and support to each other that we often need ourselves to show up at our best in commitment and community.

This newsletter email summarizes some of the resources offered by the UUA to support congregations in this time; please share it widely.  

With you on the journey,


Rachel Walden supports UUA Communications as senior manager for digital & marketing strategy. When she's not brainstorming content with her colleagues, you'll likely find her outside.

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As Unitarian Universalists strive to widen our circles, to improve our relationships across the interconnected web of life, and to become better builders of Beloved Community, it is a wonderful time for congregations and communities to engage with the newest UU Common Read: On Repentance and Repair by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (Beacon Press, 2022). Guidance for online workshops is available and additional resources are in development. 

UU Common Read

Shared leadership in UU congregations and communities can provide greater balance for staff and volunteers while also enriching leadership with diverse perspectives and experiences. UUA Congregational Life staff are collaborating with the Center for Congregational Spirituality to support shared leadership with an online course beginning in October. Gather a team to attend and learn to plan an authentic and multifaceted liturgical year of worship and small group engagement.

Worship Planning Online Course

UUA Congregational Life staff have also developed a new resource to help congregations respond to the need to reach people and share ministry in new ways. The Sermon of the Month Series is a monthly subscription service that provides recorded sermons that can be downloaded and used for worship. Along with a transcript of the sermon, each month’s offering will include suggested readings and hymns. 

Sermon of the Month

Book fairs are a wonderful way to get your UU congregation or community excited for the coming year of worship and programming. There are amazing new books available from UUA publishers that bring Unitarian Universalist values to life, including Authentic Selves, which celebrates trans and nonbinary people and their families, and Loving Our Own Bones, a powerful new account of disability and spiritual life. Get your book fair started with the organizing guide available from inSpirit UU Book and Gift Shop. 

UU Book Fairs

The Side With Love Action Center supports Unitarian Universalist engagement with the work of building a world where all can be free and thrive. With virtual gatherings, trainings, and resources to help ground our spirits, grow our skills, and act strategically for justice, the Action Center is a source of support for work across a range of justice priorities, including climate justice, democracy, decriminalization, and LGBTQIA+ and gender justice.

Take Action