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In last week’s newsletter, we featured many of the big winners at this year’s British Podcast Awards. But there’s more winners we didn’t mention, so let’s get cracking.

Best New Podcast was awarded to 28ish Days Later, a podcast by India Rakusen that explores the story of the menstrual cycle. Best Fiction went to Wooden Overcoats, a hilarious sitcom following two rival funeral detectives. And Best Climate Podcast went to Buried, which explores one of the worst environmental crimes in modern British history.

Best Arts & Culture Podcast went to Time & Again, which is a podcast following six men who have spent time in prison and are adjusting to post-prison life. Dad Still Standing won the Best Parenting Podcast, a series providing a space for discussions about grief for fathers experiencing baby loss. And Best True Crime Podcast went to Who Killed Daphne?, a series that celebrates the life and investigates the awful murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Best Documentary Podcast went to Pig Iron by Tortoise. The podcast looks at the death of the young reporter Christopher Allen, who died on the frontline in South Sudan. Best Sport Podcast was awarded to The Tennis Podcast, which is hosted by Matt Roberts, Catherine Whitaker and David Law.

The Podcast Champion went to My Therapist Ghosted Me, which is hosted by Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally. The award celebrates a podcast that has changed podcasting for the better and has made a proper impact. And Rising Star went to Chanté Joseph, who you might recognise from The Guardian’s Pop Culture podcast.
What we've been listening to this week:
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Podcast Pick 1
Young Again
Oh, what a joy it is to hear Kirsty Young again. In this new BBC Radio 4 series, she asks a famous guest to reflect on their younger selves. Essentially, what would they say to them if they were given the chance?

The themes that come up, from growing up to family, all feel very much like an episode of Desert Island Discs (without the music). It is, of course, a show that Young hosted herself for more than a decade, before having to stand down due to health reasons. But, to be honest with you, this point is not a complaint. You’re just happy she’s got a space to interview interesting people again. There’s several episodes out so far, including with actor Daniel Kaluuya and supermodel Linda Evangelista.
Podcast Pick 2
“Why Didn’t You…” Real Stories of Survivors
The broadcaster and author Terri White is behind this necessary new podcast series. In each episode she interviews a survivor of sexual violence about their experiences. Because, as White explains, these survivors have been asked by others: “‘Why didn’t you report to the police? Or tell someone? Or go and be examined? Or scream, fight, wear something different, take a well lit path home or leave him the first time he attacked you?’” 

She wants to draw attention to the damaging myths that such questions perpetuate and how they are used to shift blame onto survivors. Also, how these views are widespread throughout society, even by institutions supposed to protect us. There is a thoughtful discussion of these themes, with guests never encouraged to share anything more than they wish. No doubt, the podcast will also be a resource and a great help to anyone who has also survived sexual violence themselves. 

As Amber (not her real name), sums this podcast more than I ever could. During her interview she says: “I think the thing is to not have judgement on anyone but the perpetrator. Don’t judge the victims, don’t judge their family, their friends. Just don’t judge anyone, apart from the person who committed the crime.”
Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
It's the key dilemma of our time? What should I listen to next? It's what we do at Great British Podcasts, suggesting new shows for you to try. Well, with Your Next Podcast we've gone one step further. Each week there's a different recommendation for a new series to listen to PLUS we include the first episode as well!

This week, our presenter Lauren Layfield is taking a look at It Can't Just Be Me with Anna Richardson

But remember, if you follow Your Next Podcast there will ALWAYS be something new on your podcast app to listen to. What are you waiting for? Follow Your Next Podcast now.
Podcast Pick 4
Stick to Football 
A podcast that has a blockbuster lineup of presenters. Gary Neville, Jill Scott, Jamie Carragher and Ian Wright have a new weekly show where they talk about the latest issues and talking points in the beautiful game.

The show has a bit of overlap with The Overlap, an interview series that is presented by Neville. It’s also coming at an interesting time for football podcasts, with their big rival being The Rest Is Football hosted by Gary Lineker, Micah Richards and Alan Shearer. There also appears to be a bit of an arms race about who can get the bigger guest, with Stick to Football having Beckham on this week to talk about his latest documentary, whilst Rest has Thierry Henry.
Podcast Pick 5
From the makers of The News Agents and Dua Lipa: At Your Service this is a refreshing and well produced podcast exploring news and culture for people between the ages of 18 and 25. Presented by presenter and journalist Mary Mandefield, each episode looks at an issue in the news by speaking to the people directly affected by it, or who know a lot about the issue at hand.

The first episode looks at people who decide to have cosmetic procedures, such as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), abroad. What compels people to do so? How does the industry work and operate? And what are the risks?
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