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This week, over on our website at Podcast Rex, Imriel Morgan who is behind the successful careers and personal motivational podcast Wanna Be rounded up some great podcasts for Black History Month. It included the relationship and identity series Black Earth Podcast, the conversations podcast *(Relate)able and the self improvement series Beyond the Self with Africa Brooke.

Also worth a listen is Have You Heard George’s Podcast? The multi-award winning series by George The Poet has just arrived with a new season. Entitled After Empire, it explores the African and Caribbean independence struggles over the past six decades. He sets out the reason why he is exploring the theme at the start of the series: “What happened between the time my parents were born, and the time when I was born, that led to Black life being in the condition I found it in?”

Human Resources is also back for a third series this month, continuing to explore how the transatlantic slave trade touched every part of the UK and can still be felt today.

The Week Junior Show, a show reviewing the news for little listeners, has also done a special episode on Black History Month, starting with a history of Black History Month itself. Meanwhile, History Extra Podcast features a panel of acclaimed historians evaluating the impact of Black History Month and whether confining it to a month causes Black history to be overlooked during the other eleven months of the year.

And if you missed it, it is worth listening to the Sounds of Black Britain: The Black Curriculum, a 2022 series exploring the history of Black British music.
What we've been listening to this week:
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Where's Home Really
Where's Home Really
Journalist, restaurant critic, and Masterchef judge Jimi Famurewa talks to some of the world’s most loved public figures from different backgrounds, who each have their own unique experiences and emotional responses to the question of Where’s Home Really?

Back for a second series, after a win at the British Podcast Awards, the first guest is the chef, author and broadcaster, Andi Oliver.
Podcast Pick 1
Page 94: Private Eye
The podcast accompanying the satirical and investigative magazine Private Eye has tweaked its format since the last time I listened. The show, out every fortnight, now provides updates on stories that you can read in that fortnight’s magazine or reaction to recent news events that took place after the magazine went to press. 

And as Editor Ian Hislop regularly appears as a panellist providing wit and analysis, the whole thing sounds like a slightly more laid back audio offering of Have I Got News For You.
Podcast Pick 2
A new podcast that taps into your lived experience if you have got ADHD. In each episode Kat Milsom and Jack Suddaby talk about how their diagnosis in adulthood changed the way that they think of themselves, and explain how ADHD can affect people in different ways. The first episode features them both opening up at how some people use ‘masking’ as a means to suppress their symptoms, a ‘masking’ which in itself can feel exhausting.

It’s a breezy, reflective conversational podcast and the podcast is well-produced too. You would expect nothing less as one of the show’s hosts, Jack Suddaby, is behind the recent British Podcast Award winning Arts & Culture series Time & Again.
Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
This week on Your Next Podcast, the show from us at Podcast Rex that sends you the first episodes of brilliant shows, is A Positive Life: HIV from Terrence Higgins to Today.

It scooped the top prize from the British Podcast Awards this year, so it's well worth your time.

Remember, if you follow Your Next Podcast there will ALWAYS be something new on your podcast app to listen to. What are you waiting for? Follow Your Next Podcast now.
Podcast Pick 4
Sherlock & Co.
This is a delight. Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this new audio drama follows Dr John Watson as he makes a true crime podcast documenting his and Sherlock’s adventures. 

Written by Joel Emery, he manages to take all of the hallmarks that make the plot so compelling and renowned whilst making the stories feel fresh and fitting in the world of true crime podcasting. There’s also great acting by Paul Waggott as John Watson and Harry Attwell as Sherlock, and rich sound mixing and production too.
Podcast Pick 5
Lolly Adefope: Fanmail
A podcast that delightfully spoofs talent podcasts that seem to be all the rage at the moment and how smug and self-important they end up sounding. Starring Lolly Adefope (who you might recognise from Ghosts and This Time) each episode features the star reading out letters from her fans, spilling details about her life that detaches herself from reality. She’s also at a complete loss at what exactly an audio producer does.

“I’ll be reading out your letters, solving your problems and asking questions like ‘why do you like me so much’ and ‘what is it about me that you love so much?,’” she says. 

Also listen out for appearances by Charlotte Ritchie, Steve Coogan, Brett Goldstein, Mae Martin and Aidy Bryant. This is an Audible series so you need to be a subscriber to listen, but like all of their podcasts it does not use up any of your Audible credits.
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