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Podcast Pick 1
When It Hits the Fan
Crisis? What crisis? This relatively new BBC Radio 4 series throws you into the world of crisis management, picking apart major PR disasters and working out how they have managed, or could, put it back together again. It is presented by two seasoned experts of this sort of world, public relations expert and former Sun editor David Yelland and former communications secretary for The Queen, Simon Lewis. Whilst the temptation with this series might be to look back at some of the biggest scandals of all time, Yelland and Lewis look at more recent ones, which in turn makes each episode feel like required listening. Recent episode explores the furore aimed at GB News and that car crash interview with the family of Captain Tom.
Podcast Pick 2
After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds and the Paranormal
Halloween is just around the corner, so it feels right for a new series delving into some of the spookiest stories in history. Brought to you by History Hit, the same team behind Dan Snow’s History Hit and Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal and Society, hosts Maddy Pelling and Anthony Delaney chart some of the spookiest stories in the UK, from a Cornish haunted jail to the story of the last person to be executed for witchcraft in the north of Scotland.
Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
This week on Your Next Podcast, our show that sends you the first episodes of brilliant podcasts, is Effin' Hormones.

As always there's a brilliant introduction from our host Laura Layfield and then you get to sample a recent episode.

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Podcast Pick 4
Making Money
A new series of the personal finance and investment podcast by Timeyin Akerele and Damien Jordan debuted this month. It's a recommended listen for those who want to make better sense of the money and the options that they have. 

What makes this series stand out from the many other money podcasts out there is that the conversations on a complicated topic are accessible and it doesn’t get wrapped up in superfluous information. The advice and discussions also remain realistic and grounded, and it taps into the psychology of money (aka the tools that some companies use to part with more cash than you actually intended.) Out of the three episodes so far, I would start with the conversation with businessperson Deborah Meaden.
Podcast Pick 5
What I Wish I’d Known?
A new series of the podcast hosted by the interviewers (often sharing a byline) Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester. In each episode they interview a well-known person about how they ended up becoming the person they are today, a common trope in podcast interviews. Yet a key difference here is that they particularly focus on interviewees who may have had a difficult start in life.

“Why is it that often people with the hardest beginnings in life become the most successful adults,” says Thomson. “And is there something to learn from these people, who perhaps have the strongest sense about what matters most.”

Interviews in the current season include venture capitalist Karl Lokko and the bestselling writer Anthony Horowitz.
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