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Sauvignon Blanc
Loire Valley, France

Baronnie de Montgaillard
Pays D'OC, France
All hands on deck!
A truly stunning Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. It's vibrant and dry, with mouth-watering notes of citrus, tropical fruits, pear, gooseberry, hay, and minerals.
PAIRINGS: antipasto platters; grilled shrimp; sushi; fish and chips; simple and fresh pasta dishes with olive oil, lemon, and basil pesto.
Friends & Family: $15.99/btl
(reg $19.99/btl)
• 3 bottles: $15.19/btl
• 6 bottles: $14.39/btl
• 12 bottles: $13.59/btl
Go ahead and grab an extra bottle or two — You'll be glad you did!
This Syrah drinks well above its price point. It is dry, full-bodied, and perfect for fall. Lush flavors of blackcurrant, blueberry, tobacco, and warming baking spices.
PAIRINGS: juicy grilled burgers; hearty chilis; slow cooker roast beef; bbq baby back ribs; cottage pies.
• 3 bottles: $9.49/btl
• 6 bottles: $8.99/btl
• 12 bottles: $8.49/btl
Carpineto Dogajolo
Mattawa + Quincy, Washington
A perfect white for the fall!
A gorgeous blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Grechetto. It's medium-bodied and dry, with a very balanced acidity. Notes of pear, citrus, melon, honey, and minerals.
PAIRINGS: asta Alfredo; clams; oven-roasted turkey; flaky halibut; lobster; vegetable soups.
Friends & Family: $15.99/btl
(reg $22.99/btl)
• 3 bottles: $15.19/btl
• 6 bottles: $14.39/btl
• 12 bottles: $13.59/btl
Great for any day of the week!
This wine has a smooth medium body, with delicious hints of cherry, mulberry, black olive, tomato, herbs, earth, leather, and spice. It's dry and super food-friendly.
PAIRINGS: tomato-based pastas; pizzas; salamis; minestrone soup; garlic and herb roasted chicken.
Friends & Family: $15.99/btl
(reg $22.99/btl)
• 3 bottles: $15.19/btl
• 6 bottles: $14.39/btl
• 12 bottles: $13.59/btl
Domaine de la Potardière
Gamay Rosé
Cabernet Franc
Carinena, Spain
Be thankful for year-round rosé!
Gorgeous, rich, mineral-driven mouthfeel with faint hints of sage, rose water, black tea, fresh strawberry, melon, and crisp apple.
PAIRINGS: anchovy butter on fresh warm bread; spicy crispy chicken sandwiches with lots of salty fries; hummus with olives; prosciutto; and pan-seared salmon with a lemon garlic sauce.
• 3 bottles: $9.49/btl
• 6 bottles: $8.99/btl
• 12 bottles: $8.49/btl
Classic French Cab Franc!
A beautiful, medium-body Cab Franc with classic vegetal flavors (fresh green bell pepper, with a hint of chili pepper, too). Ripe raspberry and strawberry fruit, with great tannins and medium-high acidity.
PAIRINGS: Steak frites; herb-crusted rack of lamb; grilled artichokes; Niman Ranch cheeseburgers; and even turkey with cranberry sauce!
• 3 bottles: $9.49/btl
• 6 bottles: $8.99/btl
• 12 bottles: $8.49/btl
Rogue Vine
Red Blend
White Blend
Itata Valley, Chile
A field blend of old and hand-harvested grapes.
You will fall in love with this organically farmed wine. It has notes of bright red fruits (fresh strawberries and raspberries), with hints of forest floor and rose petals. Light tannins and a soft finish.
PAIRINGS: urger and fries; hard, aged cheeses; turkey stuffing; ham with warm, buttery dinner rolls.
Friends & Family: $17.99/btl
(reg $21.99/btl)
• 3 bottles: $17.09/btl
• 6 bottles: $16.19/btl
• 12 bottles: $15.29/btl
This will make you long for the ocean.
Beautiful notes of peach, lychee, white flowers, jalapeño, mandarin orange, and salt. It finishes with a stony minerality and hints of coconut flakes.
PAIRINGS: great with tortas, tacos, spicy or grilled seafood, turkey, empanadas, and oysters.
Friends & Family: $17.99/btl
(reg $21.99/btl)
• 3 bottles: $17.09/btl
• 6 bottles: $16.19/btl
• 12 bottles: $15.29/btl
Red Blend
Mercurey, France

L. Tramier & Fils
Beaujolais Villages
Beaujolais, France
You're going to like the way this drinks, I guarantee it.
Driven by gorgeous red fruit that carries spiced notes of cedar and nutmeg. A lively and bright red with subtle tannins that give a softness around the edges. Super food-friendly and crowd-pleasing.
PAIRINGS: roasted meats and vegetable stews; roast turkey; pheasant; steak; lamb; goulash.
• 3 bottles: $12.34/btl
• 6 bottles: $11.69/btl
• 12 bottles: $11.04/btl
A delicious, dry Beaujolais Villages. Notes of dried cranberries, cherry, raspberry, earth, leather, prune, and a touch of vanilla. Great for the Thanksgiving table.
PAIRINGS: All the Thanksgiving fixin's: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, spiral ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie.
• 3 bottles: $18.04/btl
• 6 bottles: $17.09/btl
• 12 bottles: $16.14/btl
Jean Biecher
Alsace, France

Les Trois Couronnes
CDR Red Blend
Côtes du Rhône, France
Become a born-again Riesling drinker!
This is an elegant and classic Alsatian Riesling. No, it's not sweet — it's perfect. Rich notes of lemon curd, green apple, petrol, honey, and minerals. Dry and super-refreshing!
PAIRINGS: Turkey, sausages, spicy foods, cured meats, grilled chicken, mild cheeses.
• 3 bottles: $13.29/btl
• 6 bottles: $12.59/btl
• 12 bottles: $11.89/btl
Get cozy with this wine!
Lots of concentrated blackberry and cherry flavors, with a hint of plum, black pepper, spice, and a subtle earthiness. It's full-bodied, juicy, and will warm you up on a cold night!
PAIRINGS: braised beef short ribs; venison; filet mignon; grilled burgers with mushrooms and gruyere; chili; pizza.
• 3 bottles: $14.24/btl
• 6 bottles: $13.49/btl
• 12 bottles: $12.74/btl

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