Women in homeownership
The growing presence of women homeowners makes for a memorable celebration of Women’s Day. While women in society are recognised in many ways every August, home ownership is perhaps one of the most meaningful in a society where many mothers raise
children in single parent homes or where many women have been financially dependent on men. Home ownership helps change that.
 We take a look at some of the changes that have been taking place in this issue.  
We take a look at property sales on the KZN South Coast, which was less impacted by the unrest but will inevitably feel the effects – which hopefully will be limited as citizens in the province have been repairing the damage and getting on with business.  
The South Coast, like many decentralised regions, has benefited from an influx of remote workers who have been forced by Covid-19 to work at home – and find that home doesn’t have to be in one of the big cities. The move to smaller towns has accelerated the demand for fibre and other forms of communication, and our telecommunications solutions and data analytics services enable improved decision-making for ISPs and FNOs. Read more about that too in this newsletter. 
Women involved in 50% of all property purchases  
… and gap between female and male buyers is widening.

Women bought more properties than men in every quarter from Q1-2019 to Q2-2021, either by themselves or in partnership with men. Find out where they buy and how much they spend in our feature on women in property.
Residential property sales steady along the South Coast  
In this report Lightstone looks at property market along the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. 

Property transfers have been reasonably steady along the South Coast over the past five years, with most in Freehold or Sectional Title as Estate stock is limited. Amongst other things, we look at who is buying and where they are coming from. 

Geospacial solutions enable greater ROI in FTTX  
Lightstone’s telecommunications solutions and data analytics services enable improved decision-for ISPs and FNOs. 

With many South Africans still opting to work from home, the country’s connectivity infrastructure has been under pressure and service providers have been scrambling to meet the growing demand

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