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We're the community-driven program for community-driven people powered by Common Room, and we're building the Uncommon hub dedicated to teaching and sharing community know-how. If you have colleagues, friends, or other folks who'd benefit from wisdom shared by community leaders (like Joshua Zerkel, Head of Engagement Marketing at Asana who we feature in this edition), pass it on. 

May this be only the start to uncommonly useful collaborations.
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Uncommon Conversations: An Interview with Joshua Zerkel at Asana
Head of Global Engagement Marketing 
(Community + Lifecycle)

"'Why am I here?' is probably the number one question that I think most community leaders are afraid to ask, but really need to. What's the purpose of this program? If a company is hiring you...some stakeholder has decided that community is there for a reason. It's our job as community leaders to find out."
Emphatic about the power of community and pragmatic about the amount of work it takes to build and support it, Joshua talked with Uncommon about the importance of internal buy-in (internal roadshows, anyone?), external dialogues (when you talk to your community, be ready for them to talk back), and dedication to building your program incrementally while keeping the end goal in mind. Watch or ๐ŸŽง to the interview on the blog.      
Uncommon Support
At Uncommon, we believe that communities are strongest when they uplift one anotherโ€”so we started Uncommon Support. At the end of each conversation we have with a community expert like Joshua, we ask them to share a cause they're passionate about so we can donate in their honor. Joshua and Asana chose Hack the Hood, a nonprofit based in Oakland, CA, that focuses on empowering underserved communities with tech and data literacy skills.
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