We're back to talk Slack (and several other things)

Last month we introduced ourselves as the community-driven program for community-driven people powered by Common Room. Since then, we've thought long and hard about the best ways to connect this Uncommon community, and thus, we invite you to join our official Slack! Just tap the Slack icon from that link and you'll be chatting in no time.

But also check out all of the great links below. We'll see you on the other side. 
Your Uncommon team
Uncommon Conversations
Co-Founder @ Loom

"You could put a product side by side, they could look identical, they'll be just as fast, but if it doesn't have that strong moat of a community, then that other product, it's not as strong of a solution."
Global Community Manager @ Confluent

"I'm looking forward to seeing more and more people learning about [community] because the more they do, then the more new ideas and new strategies we can all work towards and grow from learning from each other."
Uncommon Support
We started Uncommon Support because we believe communities are strongest when they uplift one another, so we ask every community expert to share a favorite nonprofit, then we donate in their honor. Shahed chose the ASPCA to help all animals find a loving home, while Ale chose Books for Kids to help give today's youth the tools to change the world. We're very in for both.
Job Board: Uncommon Opportunities in Community
And there's always more. See all jobs
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read (or Listen)

News from Common Room: The SaaS Behind Uncommon
Easter Egg-cellent

Balloon dog is back with another mystery link offering a quick glimpse into what Roomies — sans our own emojiologist (for now) — discuss just because. This one is so visually sweet, it took us a while to even notice the words.
Picture of a Jeff Koons balloon dog. Link: What do you call a group of ferrets? A list of collective nouns
Tuneage: Currently vibing to West Coast by Philip Larue. We'll refrain from any rhyming superlatives, but as Seattlites, we're pretty partial to the left side.
We're still very much building this community and all the comms that come with it. If you have any favorite topics, questions, or comments on what we've done so far, we're all ears. 

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