Up and to the Right: The Rise of the Community Leader

Last month, we invited you to join our official Slack. This month, we're amplifying your stories through our series The Rise of the Community Leader. Community leaders have a lot in common, like their enthusiasm for teaching and learning and a passion for building authentic relationships within and across communities. Their goals are similar, but their paths to leadership are diverse and often surprisingly...surprising (just ask our Roomies).

Join us in celebrating three inspiring leaders we featured this month: Scott Baldwin at Productboard, Jelena Zanko at Imply, and community strategist Tina Amper. Keen on sharing your story? Drop us a note.

~ Your Uncommon Team 
Uncommon Conversations
Chief Community Officer @ Ironclad

"I really think that if you have a successful community, you can help elevate all the business performance metrics in the company."
VP and Chief Evangelist @ AWS

“When I think about building communities, [you really have to build] a community that is welcoming to new folks.”
Uncommon Support
We started Uncommon Support because we believe communities are strongest when they uplift one another. We ask every community expert to share a favorite nonprofit and then we donate in their honor—Mary chose the Special Olympics and Jeff chose Science in the City.
Job Board: Uncommon Opportunities in Community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read (or 👂)

News from Common Room: The SaaS Behind Uncommon
  • The power of community: Nina Lilley, our Customer Success lead, shared how community delivers inputs that help her teams build better products that, in turn, make customers more successful.  
  • Why you should work for a startup: Ever think about making the move? Read technical co-founder Tom Kleinpeter's post on how the choice between startup and enterprise comes down to optimizing for security or education. 
  • Team news: Brandon is on Product, Mari is leading product marketing, and Nina joined to make sure customers are successful with our platform. (Psst, we're hiring)
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