Market steady, opportunities with new developments
South Africa's property market is recovering from a 16% drop in transfers in 2020, primarily the result of Covid-19, and returning to pre-2020 numbers. Transfer volumes have, in fact, remained consistent at between 300 000 to 350 000 a year since 2009, and our story – Property volumes steady, prices up – confirms the recovery is most evident in higher value properties, suggesting higher earners have weathered the pandemic better than middle to lower earners.  
We wanted to understand what might be fuelling the recovery and so we interrogated our data to identify and rank suburbs of interest by their level of sales activity as defined by percentage of churn over the last year (calculated by dividing the number of transactions over a period by the number of properties within the area). Towns with churn tells us that new developments are driving activity in all but one of the selected towns, one from each province.  
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