Show me the Community-Driven Product Development

Pretty sure that's how the Jerry Maguire quote goes. This month, we launched our six-week learning series, Community-Driven Product Development, led by Mark Tan, Director of Product and Community at Wyze. We've still got four installments coming your way (vids drop every Tuesday), with live Slack Q&As every Thursday. Come on in, the learning's warm! 

We also launched our newsletter archive, so you can see and share our super sweet past issues. And of course we have to say: If you haven't yet, join our official Slack. Got ideas for the kind of content you'd like to see next? You're always invited to drop us a note.

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Uncommon Conversations: Spotlight on the Rise of the Community Leader series 
Head of Community @ Airtable

"Anything you are building will be at least 10x more effective if you ask your community for their input."
Content Apprentice @ CMX

"When you trust a community, what you are really saying is 'I value your ecosystem,' which includes the people, processes, and products."
Uncommon Support
We started Uncommon Support because we believe communities are strongest when they uplift one another. We'll be releasing a collection of Uncommon Conversations and their nonprofit spotlights in October. Until then, we're uncommonly glad to sponsor five scholarships for the next cohort in Mark Tan's full community-driven product development course, Build Your Squad
Job Board: Uncommon Opportunities in Community
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