Change and transformation drive opportunities
in property and business 
A buyers market
Predicting where residential property will go in the next twelve to 24 months is hazardous given all the complicating circumstances. Despite poor economic conditions and socio-political uncertainty, A buyers’ market looks at how low interest rates have been a boost for the property market – and semigration, buying up and safe living are providing areas of opportunity although first-time buyers appear to have lost some of their appetite.  
PE in focus
Safe and convenient living is certainly a factor in Gqeberha, or PE as it is colloquially known. As in many other cities around South Africa, Estate and Sectional Title living have become increasingly popular over the past 27 years. PE in focus looks at how Freehold property stock has declined in popularity but remains the dominant residential property class in the Eastern Cape’s economic and financial hub.  
Transformation in new business
And while on matters economic, our business landscape is changing too, with nearly two thirds of companies registered in 2019, 2020 and 2021 measured as having “high transformation” compared to just 18% of companies which registered in 2000. Read Transformation in new business to find out more.  
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