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You're invited to the first of many Uncommon Book Club gatherings - a place for learning from community authors. Next week on 11/4, David Spinks will join us to discuss his book, The Business of Belonging. You can still register—we'd love to host you!

We also want to give a special shoutout to our customers and Uncommon community members who earned much-deserved nominations at the 2022 Community Industry Awards: Ale Murray (Confluent), Jenny Weigle (Jenny.Community, LLC), Joshua Zerkel (Asana), Stephanie Grice (Atlassian), and Willa Tellekson-Flash ( Congratulations 🎉

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CEO and Co-Founder @ Skilljar

"Investing in customer education is a triple win: a win for customers who just started with a product, a win for businesses that have more successful customers who drive more revenue, and a win for society to help close the income and skills gaps."

Uncommon Support
We started Uncommon Support because we believe communities are strongest when they uplift one another. We ask every community expert to share a favorite nonprofit, and then we donate in their honor—Sandi chose YearUp, which provides job training and corporate internships to help close the opportunity divide as an alternate college pathway.
Job Board: Uncommon Opportunities in Community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read
  • Light: Looking to rethink your community strategy? Be sure to ask your community members these questions, recommended by Community Industry Award Nominee Jenny Weigle.
  • Medium: Check out this introduction to community-led growth and best practices by Victor Coisne.
  • Deep: Shawn Wang goes deep on why developer relations teams should turn to "monthly active developers" as their success metric. Plus! Three emerging DevRel sub-specialties to consider when building out your team. 
News from Common Room: The SaaS Behind Uncommon
  • Learn to build your own champions program: Read the three main steps to take to recognize and reward your most active community members.
  • How to meet customers and their communities where they are: We built a Discord verification bot to help our customers migrate their communities to Discord in a way that builds a safe and inclusive space for anyone to join.
  • Team news: We're still hiring 😉 
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