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November 2021 Edition 
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We hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather! ADE is still off and running to ensure communications, resources, and supports are created, rebranded, or presented at conferences or trainings for all of you. Don't forget about the Friday Focus webinars. Several webinars on pressing topics have already taken place. After each webinar, we post the presentation slides, recording, and FAQs on the Assessment homepage under "Friday Focus Webinars 2021-2022."

Currently, ADE is reviewing test forms for AASA, AzSCI, MSAA, and AZELLA (Reassessment) and making final revisions to manuals and trainings.

ADE is also preparing organization and student registration files to upload to our vendor for the AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test, AASA, AzSCI, ACT Aspire, and ACT.

Reminder: All students are required to participate in this year's Stand-Alone Field Tests.
  • AASA Writing - Grades 3-8 - Writing prompt only
  • AZELLA - Grades 1-12 in the new grade configurations*
*This test window is now open, and over 22,500 students have already completed testing. Hats off to you all!

We continue to move forward with planning for in-person test administrations in the Spring.

We encourage DTCs to bookmark and frequently check the Assessment Webpage for updates. We are posting new information as soon as it becomes available!

Newly posted:
  • AASA Sample Tests and Scoring Guides
  • AASA Rebranded Blueprints (did not change from AzM2)
  • AASA Rebranded Item Specifications (did not change from AzM2)
  • Oral Reading Fluency Accessibility Guidance
  • Achievement Testing Calculator Guidance
  • ACT Aspire and ACT Resources
  • and more!
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As we approach the Achievement testing windows and begin to complete tasks to prepare for testing, DTC emails will be sent to you more frequently, generally once per week. Please watch for these emails as we will be reminding you of important tasks and deadlines for all of the Achievement tests: AASA (Grades 3-8 ELA and Math), AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test (Grades 3-8), AzSCI (Grades 5, 8, and 11/Cohort 2023), ACT Aspire (Grade 9/Cohort 2025), and ACT (Grade 11/Cohort 2023).

DTC emails will be organized as follows to assist you with finding the information you need for your sites:
  • Information pertaining to all grade levels
  • Information pertaining to grades 3-8 only
  • Information pertaining to high school only
Statewide Achievement Test Windows

Testing windows for the Spring 2022 Achievement tests are included in the table below. This information is also included in the Assessments Overview - 2021 and Beyond and the Detailed Assessment Testing Calendar. The Detailed Testing Calendar also provides estimated times for each test section for AASA and AzSCI as well as time limits for ACT and ACT Aspire test sections.
Schedule of Achievement Test Windows
ACT Test Windows

Districts and charters with Grade 11/Cohort 2023 students will need to select one of the ACT test windows listed above in which to complete all ACT testing. This selection must be made in ACT's PearsonAccessNext (PAN) platform, November 1 - December 3, 2021. District Test Coordinators received access to begin this task on November 1. Additionally, within this window and in ACT's PAN platform, District Test Coordinators will need to indicate online or paper testing and the preferred materials shipment date for each school.

  • Online vs. paper testing selection in PAN should match what was submitted to ADE through the ADEConnect Testing Mode Application, which closed October 15, 2021. 
  • There is only one ACT standard paper test date in each testing window, but there are six standard online paper test dates in each window. If a school selects to administer the ACT on paper, the additional online test dates within the same window may be utilized for any makeup testing needed.
Schedules of Tasks for Achievement District Test Coordinators

Schedules of important tasks for each of the Achievement tests are now available. A link to each is included below and can also be accessed from the Achievement District Test Coordinators webpage.

Achievement District Test Coordinator Training

Achievement District Test Coordinators for district and charters with Grades 3-8 students:
  • DTC trainings for AASA, AzSCI, and Accommodations, as well as a Test Administrator training, will be available in Pearson's Training Management System this Winter. These trainings must be completed prior to administering any tests, including the AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test. More information, including how to access these trainings, will be coming soon!

Achievement District Test Coordinators for districts and charters with Grade 9/Cohort 2025 and Grade 11/Cohort 2023 students:
  • DTC trainings for AzSCI and Accommodations, as well as a Test Administrator training, will be available in Pearson's Training Management System this Winter. These trainings must be completed prior to administering any tests. More information, including how to access these trainings, will be coming soon! 
  • ACT will host three webinars specifically for Arizona test coordinators regarding ACT test administration and accommodations. Registration links can be found in the ACT Schedule of Events. DTCs must attend either the live webinars or watch the recorded webinars, which can be accessed after the live events from the ACT-hosted website for Arizona.
    • ACT Test Administration Webinar #1: November 3, 2021, 9:00-10:00am
    • ACT Accommodations Webinar: November 10, 2021, 9:00-10:00am
    • ACT Test Administration Webinar #2: February 2, 2022, 9:00-10:00am
  • ACT Aspire on-demand training webinars will be coming soon. As they become available, they will be posted on the ACT Aspire page of the ACT-hosted website for Arizona.
PearsonAccessnext (PAN) and TestNav
In Spring 2022, all of the Achievement assessments will utilize the PAN and TestNav platforms. There will be three separate PAN websites, with three separate logins depending on the grade level of students in your LEA.

  • ACT -
    • District Test Coordinators with students in Cohort 2023/Grade 11 should have received an automated email on November 1, 2021 with access and to set up their password.
  • AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test (SAFT), AASA, AzSCI -
    • District Test Coordinators with students in Grades 3-8 will receive an automated email on November 17, 2021 with access and to set up their password for the AASA Writing SAFT. Access will then continue through the AASA and AzSCI test administrations.
  • ACT Aspire -
    • District Test Coordinators with students in Cohort 2025/Grade 9 will receive an automated email on January 24, 2022 with access and to set up their password.

Please see links below for TestNav technical requirements for each assessment.
Calculator Guidance

Updated Calculator Guidance for Arizona's statewide achievement tests has been posted on the Achievement District Test Coordinator webpage as well as on the Educator Resources page of our website, in the resources section for each assessment.

  • The Desmos scientific calculator is embedded in the online tests for AASA Grades 7 and 8 Math Part 1 only and AzSCI Grades 8 and 11 tests.
  • No calculators are permitted for AASA Grades 3-6 Math tests or for AASA Grades 7 and 8 Part Part 2 tests.
  • The Desmos four-function calculator is embedded in the Grade 5 AzSCI online test.
  • The Desmos scientific calculator is embedded in the online ACT test.
  • A non-branded scientific calculator is embedded in the online ACT Aspire test. Please refer to the ACT Calculator Policy for additional calculator information for both ACT and ACT Aspire.

Testing Accommodations

The Achievement testing Accommodations Manual has been updated and posted on our Accessibility webpage. Please remind your staff to review the Accommodations Manual as they work on IEPs and 504 plans this school year. They should include all instructional accommodations that will be routinely used this year in the student's plan.

An accommodation selected for statewide testing must also be used throughout the year for instruction in class and documented in the 504 plan or IEP. Most accommodations used in the classroom can also be used for testing, so it is important to become familiar with the testing accommodations by using the sample tests.

Special Paper Version (SPV) Tests - AASA, AzSCI, ACT Aspire

New for the 2021-2022 school year, because the system is new to many users, ADE will create the SPV test session in PAN for any student(s) with an approved SPV test for the AASA Writing SAFT, AASA, and AzSCI. ADE will move the student(s) into the SPV test session prior to testing and will also place an order for any approved SPV tests at the beginning of the Additional Order window for each of these assessments.

Please see the new 2021-2022 Special Paper Version Test Request Process for additional information.

Arizona offers three test formats to meet the needs of students who cannot access the test content through computer-based testing.

  • Braille - A Braille kit will include directions for administering the Braille assessment and for recording the students' responses in TestNav.
  • Large Print test booklets - The 504 plan or IEP must clearly state the font size used for instruction and the type of materials teachers enlarge for the student. Unless a student regularly has reading and math materials enlarged for both diameter and font size, you may consider testing the Zoom feature in the sample tests using TestNav. The large print test booklets are approximately 18 inches tall, and the font size is 18-20 pt.
  • Paper test - A student who cannot access the computer for classroom work due to injury, illness, or low vision issues may need a paper test in lieu of taking the test with peers on the computer. The 504 plan or IEP must clearly indicate how the teachers accommodate the student's issue in class and the restrictions the student has when using technology (i.e., no more than XX hours per day, must have a significant break after XX minutes, no computer usage at all, etc.)

SPV test requests for AASA, AzSCI, and ACT Aspire are now being accepted and should be submitted as soon as the student's 504 plan or IEP has been completed for school year 2021-2022. Please submit requests early for students you know will need an SPV test, especially students in Grades 3-8 who will need an SPV test for the AASA Writing SAFT, which will be administered January 24-February 18, 2022.

The following secure form should be used to submit requests no later than February 25, 2022: Please contact us at or if a student has an injury or illness after February 25, 2022 that necessitates a paper test.

Additional Accommodations - AASA, AzSCI, ACT Aspire

A new secure form has been created for requesting additional accommodations for AASA, AzSCI, and/or ACT Aspire for a student with a current IEP or 504 plan:

Note: This webform should not be used to submit requests for Universal Test Administration Conditions or Universal Tools, which are available for all students. Please refer to the Achievement Assessments Accommodation Manual for additional information about Universal Test Administration Conditions and Universal Tools.

Personal Needs Profile (PNP) - NEW!

ADE will be utilizing the Personal Needs Profile (PNP) file to allow LEAs to upload accessibility tools that must be turned on ahead of time and ready for any student(s) that has these tools as accommodations. More information about PNPs is in the Friday Focus Webinar on Accessibility and will be highlighted in training modules.

ACT Accommodations

ACT accommodations requests must be submitted directly to ACT through ACT's Test Accessibility and Accommodations (TAA) system no later than January 7, 2022. Please note this is a hard deadline for submitting ACT requests, so please submit all requests early.

More information about ACT's accommodations request process can be found on the ACT-hosted website for Arizona (Step 3: Accommodation), by attending ACT's Accommodations webinar for Arizona test coordinators on November 10, 2022, and through ACT's Accommodations Office Hours. More information about ACT Office Hours, both Accommodations Office Hours and general Office Hours sessions, can be found under "Helpful Links" on the ACT-hosted website for Arizona.

ACT Aspire Accommodations

Please see the ACT Aspire Accommodations Supports Guide for information about accessibility supports, tools, and options for ACT Aspire testing.
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AASA Resources

Many documents have been rebranded for AASA and are now posted on our website, including Blueprints, Item Specifications, Writing Rubrics, Writing Guides, and Sample Test Scoring Guides. These documents are located on the AASA page of our website.

AASA Sample Tests

Sample tests for AASA (Grades 3-8), including the Grade 3 Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) Sample Test, are located at Select "Arizona," then click on "Mic Check and Sample Tests." Scoring Guides for AASA Sample Tests are posted on our AASA webpage under "AASA Sample Tests."

Please have students practice with the Sample Tests so they can become familiar with the test features, tools, and different types of items on the online tests. Please also have third grade students practice with the ORF Sample Test.

AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test

All students in Grades 3-8 will participate in the AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test (SAFT). This is in addition to and separate from the operational AASA test in April 2022, which will also include a Writing section. The window for the Writing SAFT is January 24 - February 18, 2022. The estimated time for students to complete the Writing SAFT test session is 60-90 minutes, which is the same as for the Writing section of the operational AASA test. Each student will receive one writing prompt.

Note: The reason for the Writing SAFT is that at the end of ADE's contract with Cambium, Assessments, Inc. (AzM2/AzMERIT), Arizona did not own the Writing items. We are focused on developing Arizona-specific items for our item bank; therefore, we need to administer the Writing SAFT.

Any school that was approved for paper-based testing for AASA, through the Testing Mode Selection Application in October 2021, will also administer the AASA Writing SAFT on paper. All computer-based testing schools will also administer the AASA Writing SAFT online in TestNav.

As with all field tests, districts and charters, schools, and students will not receive score results from the AASA Writing SAFT.

AASA Grade 3 Oral Reading Fluency

All third grade students will have a new test section for Oral Reading Fluency (ORF), which will be administered in small groups of no more than 6 students in a testing room at a time. This test section will take approximately 15 minutes for each small group of students. Each student will read three separate passages, with a time limit of one minute per passage. This is similar to what is done for other Oral Reading Fluency tools used in schools.

The ORF test section is being field tested in Spring 2022. The ORF items will not be included in the students' ELA score nor the Move On When Reading score this year. As with all field tests, districts and charters, schools, and students will not receive score results from the ORF test section this year.

Additional resources, listed and linked below, are available on the Achievement DTC webpage and on the AASA webpage.

Upcoming Webinars

The Assessment and K-12 Academic Standards ELA teams are coming together to present informational webinars:
  • ELA and Assessment Webinar - ORF
  • ELA and Assessment Webinar - Writing Stand-Alone Field Test
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AzSCI Information

Spring 2022 will be the first operational administration of the AzSCI assessment for grades 5, 8, and 11 (Cohort 2023). The AzSCI assessment is a computer-based assessment. There will be two test units at each grade level, with a combined total of 60 questions. Each test unit is estimated to take 60-90 minutes each. If both AzSCI test units are administered on the same day, then there must be a significant break between each test unit.

Based on field testing data/information for AzSCI, ADE has collaborated with the K-12 Standards unit to make some updates to the AzSCI Blueprints and Item Specifications document. This document is being finalized and will be reposted soon. Once the document has been updated, Achievement DTCs will be notified via email.

Districts and charters, schools, and students will receive score results following Spring 2022 testing. However, scores will be delayed until August 2022 as Standard Setting will occur in Summer 2022. 

AzSCI Sample Tests

Sample tests for AzSCI (Grade 5, 8, and 11) are located at Select "Arizona," then click on "Mic Check and Sample Tests." Scoring Guides for AzSCI Sample Tests are posted on our AzSCI webpage under "AzSCI Resource Suite."

Please have students practice with the Sample Tests so they can become familiar with the test features, tools, and different types of items on the online tests. 
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New Websites for ACT and ACT Aspire

ADE has created a new ACT / ACT Aspire webpage so you can easily find information and resources regarding the new statewide high school assessments. Please check this page frequently as more information will be added as it becomes available.

In addition to the new ADE webpage, ACT is also hosting a website for Arizona. The ACT-hosted website includes detailed testing information, resources, tutorials, webinar links, manuals, and more for the test administration of both ACT and ACT Aspire in Arizona.

Note: There is a separate tab at the top of the ACT-hosted website for Arizona for ACT and for ACT Aspire. If you have Grade 9 and/or Grade 11 students, please bookmark this website as all ACT and ACT Aspire test administration will be posted here. New resources are being posted by ACT as they become available.
Image of ACT website
If you have any questions about any of the Statewide Achievement tests, please contact us at or at
Email AASA Inbox
Email AzSCI Inbox
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Important Dates for Alternate Assessment 
Alternate Assessment Important Dates
Alternate Assessment Test Coordinator Checklist

A checklist for Alternate Assessment Test Coordinators, along with instructions for each task, is available in the Alternate Assessment Test Coordinator Handbook. 
Alternate Assessment Checklist

IEP teams should consider test administration that will occur during the student's IEP year and include suitable instructional time before test administration windows if a student's eligibility has changed. For example, an IEP team that determines eligibility before the close of the Student Selector Application in the Fall shall carefully consider the instructional time prior to test administration before determining if the student will participate in an Alternate Assessment for that same year (see Participation Guidelines and Eligibility requirements).

An IEP team making the determination in the Spring should be documenting the preparation for the assessment during the following school year. Students must be identified during the Student Selection window (October 1 - November 30, 2021) to participate in the administration of the MSAA. To add students to the alternate assessment systems after the Student Selector Application closes, the Alternate Assessment Test Coordinator must submit a letter signed by the Alternate Assessment Test Coordinator and District Superintendent/Charter Holder. The letter will include a list of students' SSIDs and an explanation for missing the students in the selection process. For explanations related to a deficiency in policy or practice, include steps the LEA will take to correct the issue. An explanation stating that the IEP team did not make the determination that the student is eligible for alternate assessment before the close of the Student Selector Application will not be accepted since this does not follow eligibility guidelines. Please notify your teachers early so that they are prepared to give you their list of eligible students.

To meet criteria for alternate assessments, the student must meet all participation criteria descriptors.

1. The student has a significant cognitive disability.
2. The student is learning content linked to (derived from) state content standards.
3. The student requires extensive direct individualized instruction and substantial supports to achieve measurable gains in the grade-and-age-appropriate curriculum.

NOTE: The Alternate Assessments Eligibility Form was updated July 2021. This updated form is required for IEP meetings when alternate assessment eligibility is discussed. The eligibility criteria have not changed. IEP teams do not need to amend the IEP for students who were already determined eligible using the previous form. More information is available in the Determining Eligibility for Alternate Assessments webinar.

The Student Selector Application

The Student Selector Application in ADEConnect will be available October 1 - November 30, 2021 for identifying students for alternate assessments this school year. The IEP team must determine eligibility for alternate assessment before the close of the Student Selector Application to allow for suitable instructional time before administration. Only the Alternate Assessment Test Coordinator (TCs) can identify the eligible students for MSAA ELA and Mathematics (Grades 3-8 and 11) and MSAA Science (Grades 5, 8, and 11) and assign their respective teachers/Test Administrators (TAs).

  • Students are identified by the District of Attendance (DOA). The District of Residence (DOR) must ensure records are updated to reflect attendance and sped program at the DOA. This will allow the DOA to identify students in the application.
  • Although the District of Attendance (DOA) registers the students in the Student Selector Application, the TC at the District of Residence (DOR) must communicate with the DOA to ensure that the student lists are correct.
  • A test administrator must be assigned to the student for the selection to be saved in the application. This will populate the list of test administrators for upload into the MSAA system.
  • The list of students in the application is taken from AzEDS - if a student is not listed, your data manager will need to update the student records in your LEA's student information system and sync with AzEDS. You can verify students by checking your SPED72 report.
  • The No Response Options is not applied to MSAA. Please review the MSAA training modules in March 2022 for the procedure to administer the test to students who are still working on observable communication.
  • Braille is available for items that assess ELA Foundational reading standards (grades 3-4) only. TCs must identify any students in grades 3 and 4 who are learning foundational Braille. This is not a Braille test.
  • Instructions for accessing the application are on page 5 of the District Test Coordinator Handbook.
There are currently over 1400 students registered in the Student Selector Application. Please continue to identify your students in the application no later than November 30.


Please ensure that the appropriate instructional and testing accommodations are included as you conduct the IEP meetings (scribe, paper versions, etc.) Note: A paper version/administration of the MSAA is an accommodation and must be documented in the student's IEP. More information on accommodations for alternate assessments can be found in the Accommodations manual posted on our website.

Alternate Assessment Test Administration Trainings

The MSAA system is closed until February. Test Coordinators and Test Administrators will receive log in credentials no later than February 27, 2022. MSAA training modules for both Test Coordinators (TCs) and Test Administrators (TAs) will be available starting February 28. More information will be shared with Alternate Assessment Test Coordinators in February.

1% Threshold and Action Plans

We are calculating the participation rates for alternate assessment. Notifications for LEAs that exceeded 1% participation in the 2020-2021 administration will be sent soon. We want to thank all our Alternate Assessment Test Coordinators and IEP teams for their efforts in following the eligibility criteria to make assessment decisions for your students.

ADE must take additional steps to support and provide appropriate oversight to each LEA that assessed more than 1% of its assessed students in a given subject in a school year using an alternate assessment aligned with alternate academic achievement standards. This means that we will continue our monitoring through the 1% Threshold Application and submission of Action Plans.

Two notifications will be sent to Alternate Assessment Test Coordinators if the LEA exceeded the 1% Threshold. The first notification will include the LEA percentage in each content area and instructions for Alternate Assessment Test Coordinators to provide student information in the 1% Threshold application. Upon review of the student information, each LEA will be placed into a tier level of support. A second notification will be sent with instructions on submitting an Action Plan based on the tier level and addressing disproportionality if applicable.

MSAA States Website

The MSAA States Website is up and running! There are resources for families, educators, and  students. Resources range from writing rubrics, sample items, Core Content Connectors, the Learning Progression Frameworks, and more. This website contains information for all states that participate in the consortium. Please do not use the website to contact the Alternate Assessment Unit.
If you have questions specific to Alternate Assessments, please email us at
Email Alternate Assessment Inbox
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Important Dates for AZELLA 
AZELLA Important Dates

The AZELLA Team has been offering free AZELLAology conference call sessions to provide additional customer support. These sessions are not required, but DTCs have reported that the sessions have been very beneficial. This is an opportunity for the AZELLA Team to address current frequently asked questions and to provide tips and tutorials for AZELLA tasks. The sessions are listed on the AZELLA DTC webpage under the AZELLAology section. Sessions may or may not include a few specific topics based on current AZELLA tasks and questions that DTCs have been asking. Join us with your burning questions.

AZELLAology sessions are scheduled for Tuesday mornings from 8:00-9:00am. The link to join the call is on the AZELLA DTC webpage.


In conjunction with the new AZELLAology sessions, we have a new FAQ section on the AZELLA DTC webpage. The FAQs with answers are set apart by AZELLA test administration. We are frequently adding to this page. Check it out!
Image of AZELLA website
AZELLA Placement Test

Students who require an AZELLA Placement Test must be administered the Placement Test and the parents notified of the results within two weeks of the student's enrollment in the school.
  • New Kindergarten and new-to-Arizona students with a Home Language Survey that has one or more responses indicating a language other than English
  • EL students with their last AZELLA test record showing as Undetermined
  • EL students who require a new Placement Test - DTCs and STCs can identify these students by reviewing the students' EL70 Reports and schools' EL73 Reports for the following information:
    • EL70 Report - yellow/green triangle with red font message
    • EL73 Report - EL Group 8
Mid-Year AZELLA Placement Test Window
November 15 - December 17, 2021

Optional - Not Required
Eligible EL High School (Grades 9-12) Students ONLY

  • Must submit to ADE no later than November 6
  • Eligibility Qualifications:
    • Must be enrolled in SEI or DLI services for a minimum of 9 weeks this school year
    • Most recent AZELLA test record must be from School Year 2020-2021
    • Overall Proficiency Level (OPL) = Intermediate
    • Total Combined Proficiency Level (TCPL) = Intermediate or Proficient
    • Domain Proficiency Levels = Intermediate or Proficient
    • Domain Scale Scores = 247 and higher

Student recommendations must be submitted to no later than Friday, November 5, 2021. These will be reviewed by ADE, and qualified students will be approved by Friday, November 12, 2021. ADE will notify DTCs of those students who have been approved to participate. Approved students may be registered in PAN by the DTC or STC beginning November 15, 2021. Students must be added to the "Approved HS Mid-Year" test session that you will need to create in PAN. All Mid-Year Placement Tests must be administered and submitted for scoring by the close of business on Friday, December 17, 2021.

Students who score "Proficient" for their Overall Proficiency Level are to be reclassified through your SIS and pushed to AzEDS, moved to mainstream classes, and are not eligible to participate in any further AZELLA testing. 

Students who score an Overall Proficiency Level of less than Proficient on the Mid-Year AZELLA Placement Test will remain in EL services and must participate in the Spring 2022 AZELLA Reassessment Test.

Fall 2021 AZELLA Stand-Alone Field Test

The AZELLA Team has been receiving wonderful feedback from many DTCs about the administration of the Fall 2021 AZELLA Stand-Alone Field Test (SAFT). They have indicated that it has been easy to administer, and the students have not had technical difficulties.

To date, there have been approximately 6,000 Grades 1 and 2 SAFT tests completed and 16,500 Grades 3-12 SAFT tests completed.

All students who have been and will be administered an AZELLA Placement Test this school year through December 1, 2021 and received an Overall Proficiency Level of less than Proficient are required to be administered the SAFT before December 10, 2021.

Please do not return any SAFT materials until after the test window closes. You need to follow the directions in the Fall 2021 SAFT Test Coordinator Manual for packing and shipping Scorable and Nonscorable materials. Boxes must be retrieved by UPS or dropped off at a UPS store no later than Friday, December 17, 2021. You must keep a list of all tracking numbers and send those to with the date that UPS picked up the boxes.

Districts and schools will not be receiving any reports from the SAFT administration.

Spring 2022 AZELLA Reassessment Test Administration

Test Window: January 31 - March 18, 2022

Please refer to the AZELLA Test Administration Calendars School Year 2021-2022 for specific tasks and due dates related to the Reassessment Test Administration.

Participation Counts and Shipping Addresses for the Spring 2022 Reassessment Test - Districts that Serve K-2 Students
  • When: November 29 - December 10, 2021
  • Where: Inside of PearsonAccessNext > Spring 2022 Reassessment administration
  • Who: DTCs complete the counts for K-2 students only
  • Reason: To receive an initial shipment of Reassessment paper test materials and to confirm the shipping address for the district
  • How: Pearson will send step-by-step directions to all K-2 DTCs on November 29, 2021

Pearson will pre-populate the headcount of K-2 students for the Spring Reassessment administration. The pre-populated counts come from your EL73 Report as of November 12, 2021. You may have more or fewer Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 EL students by the time you complete these counts.

DTCs must edit (if needed) and confirm these counts in PAN by December 10, 2021, so Pearson can print enough paper test materials and get them sent as an initial shipment to districts for distribution to schools in late January 2022. For schools that have zero students with an EL need at any of the K-2 grades, then a zero count must be confirmed.

  • Students who were administered the AZELLA Placement Test on or after October 11, 2021 and received an OPL of less than Proficient must be added to the pre-populated counts in PAN.
  • Students with an EL need who have transferred into your school(s) after November 11, 2021 must be added to the pre-populated counts in PAN.
DTCs must also use this two-week window to confirm the shipping address for their district(s). This is the address where the initial shipment and additional shipments of the Spring Reassessment paper materials will be sent. If the address needs to be changed, you must send an email to with the District/Charter District name and Entity number and the correct address.

  • If a shipping address was changed for the Placement and/or SAFT administration, the new addresses will not be included for the Reassessment administration. All mailing addresses are pulled from ADEConnect's Education Organization System application.

January 3, 2022

Kindergarten students who have been enrolled in school between July 1 - December 31, 2021 and were not administered the Kindergarten Placement Test (KPT) will need to be included in the Spring 2022 Reassessment testing and administered the Stage I Reassessment Test instead of the KPT. These students will need to be manually registered in PAN by the DTC or STC for the Stage I Spring AZELLA Reassessment Test. DO NOT administer the KPT to these students.

Newly enrolled (on and after January 3, 2022) Kindergarten students who have never been enrolled in school (Grade K) can be administered the KPT.

Grades 1-12 students who are required to be administered the Placement Test, must be administered the Placement Test. Students who are administered the Placement Test on and after January 3, 2022 will not participate in the Spring 2022 Reassessment Test.

REQUIRED Spring Reassessment Test Training Modules

  • Opens: January 3, 2022
  • Where: ATMS -  
  • Categories (AZELLA Roles): DTC, STC, and Test Administrators
  • Training Modules:
    • DTC-STC SPR21 Reassessment Test
    • K-2 SPR21 Reassessment Test (districts who serve Grades K-2 students)
    • Grades 3-12 SPR21 Reassessment Test
You may refer to the AZELLA Training Requirements 2021-2022. All required training modules must be completed in the correct category (e.g., DTC, STC, and Test Administrator) prior to PAN accounts being enabled for the Spring Reassessment administration. AZELLA DTC PAN accounts for the Spring Reassessment administration will be enabled on and after January 21, 2022.

Paper Test Materials for the Reassessment Test

For districts who complete their K-2 Participation Counts in December, Pearson will ship that many plus a 5% district overage of the paper test materials to the shipping address on file for the test administration. These materials are scheduled to arrive at the shipping address from PAN between January 18-21, 2022. The paper test materials and the Pre-ID labels will be shipped separately and arrive during the same week. DTCs will have an opportunity to order additional materials after the materials received have been inventoried.

KEEP the boxes that the materials arrive in because you will use the same boxes to return the materials at the end of the test window.

Pre-Registration and Pre-ID Labels for the Reassessment Test
January 6, 2022

Please ensure that school enrollments and EL program services have been synchronized from your SIS to AzEDS by January 5, 2022 and any Placement Test records that are in the AZELLA Corrections application are corrected by January 5. This data needs to be complete because ADE will be extracting all Kindergarten through Grade 12 EL student data on January 6, 2022 to send to Pearson for pre-registering these students for the Spring Reassessment Test and printing K-2 Pre-ID labels.

You should mark your calendar for January 6, 2022 to print your EL73 - EL Student Need Report on this day. On January 21, 2022 or when your account for the Reassessment administration is enabled, you will want to compare the January 6, 2022 EL73 Report to a new EL73 Report. This will help you identify the students who have not been registered for the test in your schools and need to be added to PAN or transferred from a different school.

Students who are not included in the January 6, 2022 extracted student data file must be added and registered for the Reassessment test by the DTC or STC.

Not all K-2 students will receive a Pre-ID label. Those who don't receive a label and for those whose labels are incorrect, the Student Data Demographic Grid on the back cover of the students' test books must be completed by the DTC and STCs prior to the students testing.

AZELLA Test Administration Calendars Schools Year 2021-2022
AZELLA Reassessment Schedule
Questions Concerning Whether to Test a Student

If you have questions whether a student requires any of the AZELLA tests, please send your inquiry to and include the student(s) SSID numbers.
OELAS Information

As you prepare for the start of the second quarter, we are providing you with a few reminders, guidance, and updates.

  • Information about our required EL forms and EL documentation can be found here. As a reminder, ALL districts should be using the current Home Language Survey (HLS).
  • Parent Notification and Consent Forms - Each local educational agency using federal funds to provide a language instruction program as determined under Title III shall, not later than 30 days after the beginning of the school year, inform parents of an English learner identified for participation or participating in such a program. [ESEA section1112(e)(3)(A)]. For those children who have not been identified as English learners prior to the beginning of the school year but are identified as English learners during such school year, the local educational agency shall notify the children's parents during the first two weeks of  the child being placed in a language instruction educational program. [ESEA section 1112(e)(3)(B)]. These forms must be signed and dated by both the student's teacher and parent. If you are unable to obtain a parent signature, the LEA/Charter must document three attempts.
  • For more information about upcoming professional learning opportunities, and our self-paced resources, please visit our website. 
If you have any questions about AZELLA, please contact us at
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NAEP Update

Schools in the NAEP 2022 sample have been notified. Please continue to check MyNAEP for school tasks and establish a routine to make sure all steps are completed in time for your assessment date. Having tasks completed on time will ensure a smooth administration cycle for all Arizona schools in 2022.

NAEP data is used in a variety of ways. If your school was selected, please do speak with the students involved in the sample. They are providing valuable information for state and national policies. It helps us determine what students know and can do. It provides a comparison to Arizona assessments, studies demographics, tracks students from diverse backgrounds, and compares achievement levels through time. Please discuss with your students the service they are providing and why we are testing them. It is not just another test. They are representing Arizona.

I was a teacher and worked as a school administrator prior to working for ADE. It is with that lens I wanted to take a moment to share with our education community some valuable insights I have gained while working with AZELLA, NAEP, Assessments, and Statisticians. NAEP is the gold standard of assessments. Part of achieving that reputation is working with statisticians and following statistically sound assessment practices. I have found that ADE and NAEP follow the exact same set of procedures and guidelines when developing and administering assessments. Frequently I receive questions from the field, and they may not be thinking like a psychometrician. Some examples are:

  • Why was my school picked for NAEP again? Answer: NAEP draws a sample of students to represent Arizona. Usually, I receive this question from schools with large enrollments or unique demographics. When you ask this question from a statistical standpoint knowing that NAEP is drawing a sample (both to represent Arizona and the country as a whole), we flip the question around and say why wouldn't school X be in the sample every year. We need to hear from that demographic or large student body in the sample.
  • Why do we have to do things this way? Answer: Part of being the gold standard is making sure that Assessment coordinators being flown into Alaska or completing an assessment in New York City all were administered the test in the same fashion, with the same data collected, the exact same way with as little variances as possible.
  • Why this year? Don't you know we did hybrid/online instruction last year and the students won't do well? Answer: What better time to assess and prove why educators are so valuable? This is a unique time in history, and we need to collect this data and add it to the historical accounts. NAEP is the gold standard through time and the only test around that can provide results on a national scale. It will also provide Arizona with state-level data on our learners and be another tool without the pressure of being used for accountability.
If you have any questions, please contact
Mr. Gary McIlvaine, AZ Director of NAEP
and International Assessments
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