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Our newsletter ate too much turkey and took a longer nap than expected. Whether you celebrated Thanksgiving or not, we're thankful we get to build community with you. Last week, Common Room's CEO wrote about what we've learned working with community-first leaders. Y'all are multi-faceted, multi-talented people who serve your communities in so many ways. We're grateful for that, too. 

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CEO & Strategic Community Consultant

"'[I said], anyone that's contributing to each other creating customer-to-customer content, that's my jam.' That was how I drove my strategy at the beginning." 
Community Operations Manager @ Atlassian

Her advice to community leaders: "It's okay to keep iterating on the thing you launched. Oh, and trust yourself! You know your community and the data best."
Uncommon Support
We started Uncommon Support because we believe communities are strongest when they uplift one another. Inspired by a cause near to Erica's heart, last month we donated to the National MS Society, whose mission is to cure multiple sclerosis while empowering people with MS to live their best lives.
Job Board: Uncommon Opportunities in Community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read (or 👂)

  • Light: An oldie but a goodie. As you move into planning season, use Brian Oblinger's approach and make a Good/Better/Best chart.  
  • Medium: DAOs are a cool concept and a hot topic. Learn the basics about DAOs and why they matter to community leaders in 10 minutes from the Community Coach.
  • Deep: We hosted David Spinks for a live author Q&A about lessons from his book, The Business of Belonging. Across the hour, he talks through his SPACES model, joint planning with stakeholder teams, community motivations, and more.
News from Common Room: The SaaS Behind Uncommon
  • A new look: Common Room's new website now offers an in-depth look at our product. We're excited to share the product with more community builders really soon. 
  • Team news: We're still adding new Roomies to the team! Join us.
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Balloon dog's back with a mystery link that gives you a quick glimpse into what Roomies discuss on the daily. This one goes out to all our DevRel friends.
Picture of a Jeff Koons balloon dog. Link: What do you call a group of ferrets? A list of collective nouns
Tuneage: About to press 'send' to Virginia Beach by Hamilton Leithauser and Kevin Morby, which I've played about 100 times in 30 days. 

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