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Quarterly Newsletter 4 / December 2021 
The GPR2C in 2021 and beyond
2021 has been a year of challenges, advances and strong mobilization for the Right to the City around the world, acutely marked by the prolongation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the progressive rollout of vaccination campaigns and the gradual suspension of social protection measures, with a consequent deepening of pre-existing inequalities. 

2021 was strongly defined by popular mobilization regarding emergency response and  advocating for a rights-based definition on how a “post-covid-19 world” looks like, in alliance with local and global struggles to advance climate justice. In this sense, the Right to the City movement has a lot to add, not only because most of its components are at the core of the debates (housing, public services, diverse and inclusive economies, social function of the city, public spaces and others); but also through it focus on the territorial dimension of human rights and the strengthening of local democracy. 

Campaign: Inclusive Citizenship in Cities and Human Settlements
On the occasion of International Migrants Day 2021, the GPR2C claims for alternative understandings of citizenship that are inclusive and community-based. We strongly believe that the current global context of migrations cries for differentiated legal forms of citizenship that protect Human Rights for everyone. The mobilization of citizenship rights through the local level is essential for achieving the Right to the City as a perspective for social and climate justice at the global level.
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"The Right to the City is the right of all inhabitants, present and future, 
permanent and temporary to use, occupy and produce just, inclusive and
sustainable cities, defined as a common good essential to a full and decent life".