2,786 reasons to celebrate? That's each of you.
It's been a big year filled with reasons to celebrate, reasons to change, reasons to grow, and reasons to start anew. Today's Uncommon community newsletter marks a goodbye to 2023 and a hello to 2024, featuring some of our favorite member moments from the Uncommon Slack, where daily convos happen between community and GTM leaders and teams. 

Next year, we'll combine content from this monthly newsletter with our upcoming product-and-strategy newsletter to save your inbox and highlight GTM how-tos (community, marketing, and sales) all in one place. We'll send you an invite to subscribe when it's ready to wow you.

Until then, a happiest new year to you and yours from all of us at Common Room 🎉

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2024 👀: 5 questions for business alignment
We heard one refrain everywhere this year: "I need to align my work to business outcomes." Early conversations with stakeholders are key to making that happen. To help guide those discussions, we offer this free guide.
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Bright moments in the Uncommon community
It's with insights and feedback from our members, customers, and prospects that we're best able to offer value and adapt to needs. We're grateful for the people who made it possible, including but not limited to:

Contributors who gave so much: So many people shared so much across the past year, and for that we thank you all immensely. 

When it comes to uncommonly giving community members, we have these top community contributors and conversationalists to thank: Max Pete, Nikki Thibodeau, Joel Primack, DeMario Bell, Esther Kim Trapadoux, Andy Claremont, Albert Wong, Piper Wilson, Scott Baldwin, Fatima Sarah Khalid, Matt Cool, Jason Dunn, Angie Byron, Dan Ittah, and Wayne Sutton 🥰
💡 Content that elevated our collective knowledge: The volume of 2023 content and, even moreso, its depth of insight and expertise, continues to wow us. 

While there are too many to count, we're excited to highlight a few standouts across mediums: Gareth Wilson's wildly useful newsletter deep dives into how great communities are built, born, and sustained, Joel Primack's incredible Community-Led Growth Show podcast collection of community conversations, Nikki, Jocelyn, and Amanda's expansion of The Community Community for senior community professionals, Francisco and team's first Community Everywhere Summit, and Brian Oblinger and Evan Hamilton's community courses (Brian's is here and Evan's is here, for more deets ;). These are simply a few of our favorite things. Please share your own in our #learning-and-resources Slack channel!

🌱 Change, adaptation, and growth: With your feedback this year around the imperativeness of connecting community work to business outcomes, we expanded Common Room to tell a more inclusive story of all the inputs and signals businesses need to survive and thrive. 

In short, we focused on community and _____. And sales. And marketing. And success. It's a better-together story, and one we all need to tell. In short, the work we do in community offers our broader GTM leaders and revenue teams a number of many key signals our businesses need to deliver the right message with the right value prop to the right prospective buyer at the right time. To match our GTM-inclusive purview, we gave our Uncommon community page a fresh look and added how-to content for everyone who needs to deliver on GTM-focused goals.
Job board: Uncommon roles and opportunities
News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
  • Release highlights: Want to stay on top of your members' recent job changes? Trying to connect with devs who star your repos? We've got you.
  • Proven playbooks: From identifying customers in your community to building an SDR command center, get hands-on with our step-by-step playbooks that show you how to use Common Room like a pro.
  • Like a G2: For the general community of software reviewers and sharers out there, Common Room has a G2 profile. Tell everybody. 
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