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The Liberty Pole

Center up!
Welcome Shooter, to the February edition of The Liberty Pole, Project Appleseed’s newsletter. Thank you for reading. 

The word of the day is URGENCY. The lanterns are lit. You know the 6 Steps. Now, it's time for the 7th. Grab a friend or family member and come back and see us. Let's save this ship!

"Shooters! Your Preparation Period Begins Now!"
Words from the Founding Fathers
 "The liberties of our Country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. "

Samuel Adam
Essay in the Boston Gazette, 
October 14, 1771
February's Event Highlight
In each issue of our newsletter, we highlight one of our events. In this issue, we want to do something a tad different. We want to showcase not one, but two events that happened on the same day, at the same place! Senior Instructor ScubaSteve and the Florida crew were able to pull off a Libertyseed AND a Half Day Event for a really awesome group of homeschool kids and their families on January 23rd, 2024 in Hollywood, Florida.
"This was truly a great event. We had about 50 people, young and young at heart come out to hear the stories of April 19th 1775.

Our day started off with some introductions and what Appleseed is about then into some great story telling. All three strikes were presented with breaks to talk about some of the clothing and firearms used during this period in history.

Once history was finished, we jumped into the history of firearms from the 1700s to present day. Our shooters learned about flintlocks, both smooth bore and rifled, single shot rifles, repeating rifles, The M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and even talked about what does AR stand for. Just for fun we even pulled out a few "Big Guns"   We closed this segment on an important topic. We all must understand that what we see on TV and reality is very different. The firearm is just a tool. It is a very powerful tool and must be wielded as such."

Click HERE to view the full After Action Report of the Libertyseed and click HERE for the full After Action Report on the Half Day Event that immediately followed the Libertyseed.
February 's History Article:
"George Washington's Tent"
In 1824, exactly two centuries ago, the Marquis de Lafayette made his return to America, marking his first visit since his participation in the American War for Independence. At the age of 67, Lafayette journeyed to Fort McHenry in Baltimore, where surviving officers from the Continental Army had gathered in George Washington's Revolutionary War tent. Stepping into the worn canopy after nearly fifty years, Lafayette and his companions were moved to tears, described by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams as tears of glory, gratitude, and joy.

Click HERE to read the rest and join in the discussion on the forum.
February 's Marksmanship Tip
"Learn Today, Teach Tomorrow. 
The American Way, the Appleseed Way"
This month’s marksmanship article is another great one from our archive. Below is a quote from the article.

We at Appleseed not only want to teach you about your Heritage and the Traditional Rifle Marksmanship skills of our Founders, we want to equip you to teach others as well.

Throughout your Appleseed Shoot, you will hear, "Learn Today, Teach Tomorrow".

This is what Appleseed is providing thousands around the nation every year, the knowledge and ability to not only learn uniquely American Heritage and Skills, but also how to pass them on. 

Click HERE to read the rest of the article and join in the discussion on the forum.
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Upcoming Events
We have TONS of upcoming events lined up all across the country. Below are just a few of the special interest events that we want to mention. Reserve your spot today!  

Click HERE to find a 25m event near you!
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Thank you! Let's stay in touch!
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Thank you again for reading and being a part of Project Appleseed.

In Liberty,

Roswell "Ross" Crutchfield
Project Appleseed - a 501(c)3 Organization
Lead Newsletter Editor
Designated Shoot Boss 
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