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This newsletter provides some key updates, our upcoming training offerings, and we're sharing a tip on how to integrate a theme into an EAL program.

This webinar is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for a horse lover!

This experience will explore horses as spiritual beings and their connection to us. This will be an interactive discussion with loving information from beyond, in a way that is much like animal communication. Some attendee questions will be answered.

Monday, February 19, 2024 at 7 PM EST / 6 PM CST / 5 PM MST / 4 PM PST 
2 hours, Recording provided 
Space is limited so register soon: https://ealacademy.com/trainings
When purchasing a gift, please send us the email address of your gift recipient and we'll make sure they have the information to join the webinar.

If this topic interests you, please watch for future webinars conducted in a similar way and join our discussion in our Facebook Private Group - EAL Academy Horse Medicine: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ealacademyhorsemedicine
Schedule, Flyers & Registration

*NEW* 2-Day Mindfulness Training:

We're very excited to introduce our new 2-day mindfulness training in early May, called Heart Connection with Horses. The training is packed with over 15 meditations and mindfulness activities you can do with horses, for individual clients or group experiences with individual interactions with horses. These are perfect activities to expand your personal growth and mindfulness EAL programs for repeat programs and multi-day retreats. Some of the activities focus on ways we can give back to the horses for all they give to us and our clients. Like all our other trainings, we provide the meditation scripts, resources, tools, and templates so you can quickly begin using the activities in your program. See our schedule below to join us in beautiful Sonoma wine country for a personal get away while attending this amazing training experience.

*NEW* Virtual Mindfulness Training:

Starting mid-year, we will hold more virtual mindfulness trainings. Last fall, we piloted this and it was a great experience. This training is based on our 1-day Mindfulness training content and horse activities. Rather than experiencing the 1-day Mindfulness training in-person facilitated by us, attendees facilitate the meditations and mindful activities on their own with their horses. We support the learning process through virtual group sessions to review facilitation considerations and share insights.

*NEW* Facilitation Skills Training:

Also, later this year or early next year we'll offer a new facilitation skills training that we expect will be offered in-person and virtually. Many have told us they're looking for training to refresh and reinforce their facilitations skills, whether they've taken our certification training a while ago or were trained by another organization. This will be a good opportunity to revisit our coaching model of facilitation and ask questions about facilitating EAL based on prior experience. Late last year we piloted a 2-day facilitation skills training and it went very well. If this training opportunity interests you, please watch our website and social media for updates later this year.

Our Upcoming Training Schedule:

  • Alpine, CA (San Diego): EAL Certification April 24 - 27 & Mindfulness on April 28
  • Kenwood, CA (Sonoma): Mindfulness May 1 & *NEW* Heart Connection with Horses May 2 & 3
  • Minnetrista, MN (Minneapolis): EAL Certification July 10 - 13 & Mindfulness on July 14
  • Fallbrook, CA (North San Diego): EAL Certification August 5 - 8 & Mindfulness on August 9
  • Apalachin, NY (Binghamton): EAL Certification September 11 - 14 & Mindfulness on September 15
We thank our amazing hosts for their support in offering these powerful training experiences.

Private Trainings:

We also offer private trainings for organizations that want to train their staff in EAL facilitation. Our schedule allows for a few private trainings each year.

Equus Empowered Virtual Training for a Deeper Understanding of Horse Culture & Energetic Exchanges

We're honored to introduce you to Leah Dyck and her amazing virtual training program called Equus Empowered. This experience will bring awareness to the hidden layer of horse culture that most are not aware exists. By understanding this, you can deepen your understanding of horses and your relationships with horses. This will support you in new ways to facilitate connections between your EAL clients and horses.

This training includes fascinating research and opens the door to understanding energetic exchanges between horses and between people and horses. Leah also provides a process to facilitate these exchanges with clients. For example, what might it mean when we've opened ourselves up to experience these exchanges and a horse stands in a certain place or touches a particular part of a client's body.

You can learn more about this incredible 9 week training here: https://ealacademy.com/resources.html#EquusEmpowered

We hope you'll join Leah for her transformative learning experience that we highly recommend, to grow as an EAL facilitator.

Cultivating Communication - EAL Business Team Building

We believe in the power of integrating any topic with an EAL program. You can integrate books, tools, or concepts to create a theme for an EAL program. As an example, here we'll explain how we integrated the book, How to Communicate Like a Buddhist, by Cynthia Kane with an EAL business team building program to support the team in developing their communication skills (this book would also be incredible for a personal growth EAL program). Please don't let the book title scare you, this is a non-religious book that shares how to mindfully cultivate clarity and release judgement in our communication.

Our EAL client was a business leadership team and, over the previous few years, the business had acquired multiple businesses across the country. The business was working to integrate these teams and their overall operations. They were also creating a new culture and establishing new expectations for communication.

Prior to the team building experience with horses, this team read the book. They met a few times to discuss the key concepts and how they could integrate them. During the team building experience, each horse activity debrief incorporated exploring and applying concepts from the book; specifically, where the team was already applying techniques and where they could apply them in the future.

The key concepts from this book guide our communication by getting into the present moment and shifting from reactive to thoughtful responses. These are the main components:
  1. Listen to yourself (your internal and external words)
  2. Listen to others
  3. Speak consciously, concisely, and clearly
  4. Regard silence as a part of speech
For number 3, at our EAL Academy trainings we've integrated the 3 gates to right speech into our process for giving feedback (see image above). When we use this approach, we become consciously aware of what we're saying and this creates the opportunity to filter feedback to ensure it's benefiting the receiver.

It may already be clear that most of the time we aren't practicing the 3 gates to right speech, even when we're speaking internally to ourselves. How we speak to ourselves directly influences how we interact and communicate with others; horses included. Much of our communication is automatic or on autopilot. By becoming aware of how we react to situations we can determine how we want to change, to shift from automatic to being focused in the present moment with a thoughtful communication approach that is in service to others.

Consider other books, tools, and concepts that you're passionate about and find ways to integrate them for a themed EAL program. The possibilities are endless!
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