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February 2024 update
Welcome to your BTEC Tech Awards February update.

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In this month's update
We will issue results for the December/January series to centres on Wednesday 20 March, which can then be released to learners on Thursday 21 March. Refer to our dedicated support articles for step-by-step guidance on how to access learner results:
Our new understanding your results for BTEC Tech Awards page covers you everything you need to know about your learners’ results, including: 
  • converting raw marks to UMS 
  • understanding grade boundaries 
  • a grade calculator to help you determine learners’ overall grades based on their results 
  • considerations for retaking internal or resitting external assessments 
  • examiner and moderator reports 
  • claiming certification. 
If learners have sat their terminal external assessment this January and are now eligible to certificate, you will have the option to submit certification claims for them, or they may wish to resit their terminal external assessment in the summer series. You will be able to claim for certification for the January series on Edexcel Online from 21 March until 18 April.

You can use the grade calculator to see what learners’ overall qualification grade outcomes will be by entering the UMS received for each of the components. Alternatively, you can simply add the UMS for each component and check the table in Section 8 of the specification to determine the overall grade outcome.

If a learner does wish to resit the terminal external assessment, you can still choose to submit a certification claim for them if they are eligible, or you can choose to wait until the summer.

Read our certification FAQs for details on these scenarios, as well as the rest of the certification process

If you are considering entering a learner to resit the external assessment, factor in the likelihood of the learner achieving a higher result and the impact on the learner’s wellbeing; for example, the possible impact on other assessments being taken alongside the resit. The Tech Awards are compensatory, so even if a learner achieves a U grade in any of the components, they could still achieve an overall qualification grade provided they have sufficient UMS points across all components. 
You will be able to access moderator reports on Edexcel Online from 21 March. These include feedback on your marking, and you’ll be able to download principal moderator reports from the relevant subject qualification pages, detailing outcomes of the series overall and giving helpful guidance for future series.

Follow our guidance on accessing and downloading moderator reports. 
If you or your learners have any concerns about your results, our post-result services will be available from when learners receive their results on 21 March until 18 April. 

The terminal assessment rule requires learners to take the external assessment at the end of their qualification (the series in which the learner certificates). This means that learners must sit internal component assessments either prior to or in the same series as the external assessment to fulfil this terminal rule. If a learner chooses to retake an internal assessment in a series after they sat the terminal external assessment, they will also need to resit the external component to satisfy the terminal rule. Learners are allowed one retake of each internal component, and one resit of the external assessment within the programme.


*Creative subjects do not include a January series for external assessment 
You can find all the live and on-demand training resources you need for Tech Awards on our BTEC Tech Awards training and resources page. Bookmark this page for any time you need to book a new live training session or review recordings of past sessions.

We have new Marking and Moderation and Preparing for External Assessment live events available for booking, starting in March. All sectors but Construction, DIT, Music and Sport have new dates, and we’ll add dates for those sectors in the coming days, so keep an eye on your sector’s event calendar: 

We have created a range of BTEC Bitesize videos to support you in a number of sectors. Use the following links to watch each subject’s playlist. 

If you require subject-specific support, please contact our subject advisors.

You can sign up to subject newsletters and book one-to-one meetings with your subject advisor on our website.

All the quality assurance you need for BTEC Tech Awards is available on our website, including the 2023-24 Centre Guide to Quality Assurance, updated bitesize videos on key processes and the assessment record template.

We invite centres to attend our Quality Assurance for the BTEC Tech Awards online event. Our January to July dates are now published, so book your place using the following link.

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