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Did you know? In 2015, you and your pocketbook were hit with an increase in the gas tax. My opponent voted FOR this increase.  But that isn't the half of it. 

What the incumbent and other nefarious players know well is:  the best way to increase taxes without having your fingerprints on the tax increase is to pass the tax increase years ago and codify automatic future increases into the law. This is exactly what Utah did with the gas tax back in 2015 and my opponent voted FOR this insidiousness. 

I can find no evidence that my opponent made any effort to help District 16 find gas tax relief, he just let the automatic tax increases kick in, then they INCREASED the state budget.  

Can anyone tell me how the government procures money for an increased budget?

Increased taxes.  
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The State of Utah's budget has more than doubled in the past ten years; however, our population increase is far, far less, trending at or about 1.07% or .0107.   When a state doesn't have two times the tax-paying citizens to take on the burden, someone has to pay the bludgeoning bill.   While one may be able to state that the income tax has decreased, it shocks informed citizens when it is done with a straight face.  

Christina speaks plainly.  Plainly -- don't allow yourself to be gaslit.  Gaslighting is abuse.  The pain of your pocketbook is VERY REAL and Utahns bear the 11th highest tax burden in the nation.

Utahns are paying FAR more in taxes than last year, and compared to ten years ago, it is approaching ... double.  The culmination of taxes levied upon Utahns is MASSIVE. When one considers the inflationary factors, any assertion of a tax break becomes laughable. 😆🤣. (This video is a 2+ min. watch). 

Did you know the ultimate "reallocation of your tax burden" bill was released in 2019?  This bill more than doubled (177%) the State portion of the sales tax on food, raised the gas tax ~35% and assigned taxes to everyday services such as haircuts, towing, family photos, and so much more.  The incumbent Senator voted for this tax increase and redistribution effort.

This bill caused a financial hit to education funding, resulting in a responsive raise in the property tax.  

It was clear our representatives were not listening to the people as a "referendum" initiative of Utahns forced the Legislature to overturn this in the following legislative session.   

A truth teller would also remind you that as your home value has soared, so have your property taxes and then your local school district levied a substantial increase in every one of the past few years. A candidate who tells the truth would acknowledge this reality.

It doesn't get better. 

A candidate who is a genuine fiscal conservative would fight for the people.   Instead, the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee derailed the bill that would have put a check on your local school district's massive tax increases.  My opponent serves on that committee. 

What About The Largest Tax Cut in History ?
The hyperbole about “largest tax cut in history” in 2023 can make any informed citizen cringe.  Did you know the 2023 income tax cut amounted to about a $129 dollar annual benefit to a middle-class Utahn. My sincere question to Utah taxpayers is “what did you do with your extra $10 a month?”   Please, tell me you didn't purchase gas.  🤣

District 16 is looking to elect someone who has patterns that match her words and TRUE FISCAL CONSERVATISM offering a FRESH LOOK in the Utah Senate!

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