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Achievement District Test Coordinator Updates and Reminders
January 12, 2022
Achievement District Test Coordinators,

Please see this week's updates and reminders regarding 2021-2022 Achievement testing below. This week, information is included for the following Achievement tests - AASA, AzSCI, ACT, and ACT Aspire.

  • Include your district entity number on any emails to us. This helps to speed up the research process on our end as we work to get answers to your questions.
  • Include the name of the assessment you have a question about - AASA, AzSCI, ACT, and/or ACT Aspire. This helps us to know which staff members can best assist you and also assists us with researching your questions.
Pearson Technology Office Hours

Pearson is offering Technology Office Hours in 15 min., 30 min., or 60 min. sessions for district or school technology personnel responsible for setting up testing devices for online testing for the AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test, AASA, and/or AzSCI.

New and Updated Infographics

Please check out the Achievement Assessments infographics on the Assessments homepage! We have created two new infographics - one for AzSCI and another for ACT and ACT Aspire (two pages that contrast and compare the two assessments). We have also updated the previous infographics: Statewide Achievement Assessments, AASA, and Statewide High School Assessments.
Reminder - Submit Special Paper Version Test Requests

Special Paper Version test requests (Braille, large print, or regular print SPV tests) should be submitted to ADE as soon as possible for review to ensure that SPV tests are available for students if needed. For the AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test, in particular, requests should be submitted ASAP. For the operational AASA test, AzSCI, and/or ACT Aspire, requests should be submitted by February 25. Only one submission is needed per student. On the form, you will select each relevant test for the student based on their grade level.

Please also review our Special Paper Version Request Process for additional information, as well as the clarification email sent to DTCs last week regarding additional accommodations.
AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test (SAFT)

All students in Grades 3-8 will participate in the AASA Writing SAFT.

Test Window: January 24 - February 18, 2022

Please refer to the AASA Writing SAFT DTC Checklist for important dates and the PAN User's Guide for detailed steps for tasks that are to be completed in PAN. 

Electronic copies of the Writing SAFT Test Administrator Directions and Test Coordinator's Manual have been posted on the Achievement District Test Coordinator page of our website, under "Spring 2022 Manuals and Checklists" and in PAN under Support > Documentation.

Districts will receive paper copies of the Test Coordinator's Manual and Test Administration Directions for the AASA Writing SAFT; however, the shipments of the manuals has been delayed. Expect to receive a shipment of the paper copies of manuals around January 28th. Electronic copies of the manuals may be used to administer tests, either electronically or printed, if these documents are needed prior to January 28.

For paper-based testing schools, paper test materials (test booklets, Pre-ID labels, return shipping materials) are expected to arrive in districts and charters January 13, 2022.

Creating Testing Groups Using the Student Test Update File

Testing Groups are optional in PearsonAccessNext. For those wanting to group students by classroom or testing days, this may be completed using the Testing Group function. In addition, the Student Test Update functionality is now live in PearsonAccessNext to assist with this process. A Quick Guide for Creating Testing Groups Using the Student Test Update File is available in PAN under Support > Documentation.

For the Writing SAFT, testing groups may be used for printing testing tickets by group or for grouping students for test day. As with all field tests, no reports will be provided for Writing SAFT for students, schools, or districts.

For the operational AASA test this spring, testing groups may also be used for reporting groups. Data will be reported by the testing groups, if they were created, for filtering in the Student Data File and also as an available filter in On Demand Reports. More details regarding reporting and reporting groups will be coming at a later date.

Work Requests

When a student transfers into your district or within schools in your district, the District Test Coordinator will need to submit a Work Request within PAN to have the student transferred from the releasing school to the new school. District Test Coordinators also need to check in PAN frequently to see if a Work Request is awaiting approval for any student transferring out of the district. Please see Page 42 of the PAN User's Guide for the detailed steps of this process.

There are currently 200 transfer requests in the state that are waiting for approval from the releasing school. When you log into PAN, if you have a red bell on the black task bar at the top of the page, this is an indicator that you have a pending transfer request that is requiring action. Click on the red bell to take you to the list of requests pending your approval. If you have a request for a student that has transferred out of your district, please approve these as soon as possible. Please check the PAN site frequently to see if there is a Work Request waiting for you.
AASA (Operational Test)

  • The Participation Count window is now open for the operational AASA test. The Participation Count window is January 10-January 21, 2022. Please see the Participation Counts Quick Guide for more information about entering participation counts for AASA.
  • Users that have been added for the AASA Writing SAFT will remain in PAN for AASA and will not need to be re-added.
  • ADE will upload students again for the operational AASA test. The last day to revise student enrollments in AzEDS to be included in this student upload is January 28, 2022.
If you have any questions about AASA - either the Writing SAFT or operational AASA - 
please contact us at
  • PearsonAccessNext (PAN) will open for AzSCI on February 2, 2022. This will be in the same PAN site currently being used for AASA.
  • DTCs already in PAN for AASA will automatically have the AzSCI administration added to their accounts. DTCs who do not have Grade 3-8 students will receive an automated email on February 2 with access to PAN.
  • Users who were uploaded to PAN for AASA and who will need access to AzSCI will need to be added under the AzSCI test administration in PAN. This task can begin February 2.
  • ADE will upload students for AzSCI testing. The last day to revise enrollments in AzEDS prior to ADE's student upload is February 17.
If you have any questions about AzSCI, please contact us at
ACT Student Upload

ADE has uploaded cohort 2023 students to ACT's PerasonAccessNext (PAN) platform (
  • Please verify your student upload in PAN. Any newly enrolled students or students who may have been missed in ADE's upload must be added to PAN prior to testing.
  • ACT has provided a tutorial to assist you with this process. This tutorial can also be accessed on the ACT-hosted website for Arizona, under Step 2: Preparation.
  • For paper-based testing schools: Updates to student data in PAN must take place by January 14, 2022 to receive Pre-ID labels for student paper test booklets.

ACT Webinars

ACT hosted two webinars, (1) Test Administration #1 and (2) Accommodations, for Arizona test coordinators in the fall. Both webinars are available on demand. Links are included below and are also located on the ACT-hosted website and within the ACT Schedule of Events. A third webinar, Test Administration #2, will be held on February 2nd. The registration link is also included below.

All Achievement District Test Coordinators with Grade 11/Cohort 2023 students must view the ACT-hosted webinars either live or on-demand prior to test administration. These are your DTC "training modules" for ACT.

ACT Office Hours

ACT State Office Hours are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Previous office hours sessions have been recorded and are available on demand. Please see the ACT Office Hours page for a list of topics, to register for an upcoming session, or to access previous sessions on demand.

Please bookmark the ACT-hosted website for Arizona and the ACT Schedule of Events for more information on current and upcoming ACT tasks.

If you have any questions about ACT, please contact us at
ACT Aspire on-demand webinars (trainings) are now available and can be accessed through this link. Also included at this link is a schedule and registration link for a series of live Q&A sessions with ACT Aspire experts, taking place February through May 2022.

The ACT Aspire PearsonAccessNext (PAN) site will go live for Achievement DTCs on January 24, 2022. ADE will upload students for ACT Aspire, which will be visible to districts and charters in PAN on January 31, 2022.

Please bookmark the ACT Aspire page of the ACT-hosted website for Arizona and the ACT Aspire Schedule of Events for more information on upcoming ACT Aspire tasks. 

If you have any questions about ACT Aspire, please contact us at

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